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blue yellow bedroom ideas

Blue and yellow bedroom ideas

Blue and yellow is one dynamic colour combination. As both are primary colours, the mix of both cool and warm tones in one space can really elevate a bedroom from drab to fab, with just a lick of paint.


While blue is calming and vibrant, yellow adds warmth and cosiness to a space, creating the perfect balance in your bedroom. 

Decorating with blue and yellow in the bedroom   

A blue and yellow colour scheme can be introduced into your bedroom in a variety of ways, from full colour blocking and dreamy ombre to subtle accessories. Here are five blue and yellow bedroom ideas to inspire you.

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with darker shades 

experiment with darker shades

If you have a lot of space, it’s a great idea to play with bolder colours, like navy blue and mustard yellow. Both shades are darker and therefore can make a room seem smaller if all walls are painted in the same hue. Consider opting for a feature wall using Oxford Blue and Honey Mustard, with complementary blue and yellow bedroom décor plus modern monochromatic accents. 

2. Be creative with your painted walls 

creative painted walls

Incorporate some creativity into your blue and yellow bedroom with painted wall effects such as ombre or wall stencilling. If you’re not quite brave enough for this bold look, consider a feature gallery wall made up of art or prints in these two shades.

3. Rich tones that complement vintage accessories 

rich tones complementing vintage accessories

Dark and rich blues have an opulent history. Paired with yellow metals like bronze, gold or even painted yellow, your bedroom will be transformed into a vintage paradise. Add baroque soft furnishings and tasselled cushions, and your space will be fit for a King or Queen.

4. Create a relaxed beach vibe with pastel hues

beach vibe with pastel hues

Pastel shades of sea blue and sandy yellow create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Try a pale yellow like Lemon Pie and add wooden furniture painted in a blue pastel tone like First Dawn to enhance the feeling of a seaside retreat. 

5. Match your furniture to the paint

blue chair

To create a coherent look in your bedroom, paint your bedroom walls in either blue or yellow, whichever you would prefer to be the dominant colour. Add furniture in similar hues – think painted wood and upholstered headboards. Now use pops of the other colour in accessories. Add blankets, cushions and photo frames in the contrasting yet complementary colour. This is a more subtle way to decorate a blue and yellow bedroom.

From beachy pastels to decadent deep hues, blue and yellow can be paired together to create a variety of effects in your bedroom. Our Easycare range is ideal for bedrooms as it is durable and washable, keeping your room looking fresher for longer.

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