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Micro Makeovers - Hanging Herb Garden

Try these sustainable ideas that really make a difference


Growing your own herbs is one thing but traipsing into the garden to forage for ingredients halfway through cooking is quite another. Which is why these handy hanging shelves are perfect for housing herbs nearer to your kitchen – all within arm’s reach
Paint the shelves using Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood in a strong shade of green; and decorate each pot with a different pattern, so the terracotta peeks through.

Step-By-Step Guide


  1. 1 hour (+ drying) Drill holes in all four corners of three planks of wood; then apply Dulux Primer & Undercoat for Wood. Once dry, lightly sand, then apply two coats of Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. Allow to dry.

  2. 10 minutes Measure and cut four equal lengths of rope, tying a knot at one end of each length.

  3. 20 minutes Thread the lengths of rope through the holes on one plank. Then tie another knot in each of the lengths to support the next plank. Thread the second plank on and repeat for the third.

  4. 10 minutes Loop both ends of rope, ready to hang securely from hooks fixed to the ceiling. Hang the shelves in the kitchen and display an assortment of herbs within easy reach while you cook.

Pet Project


If this idea isn’t made for Instagram, we don’t know what is. Zone an area for your dog using bold colours like Indigo Shade and Woad Walk in geometric patterns; then affix wooden shelves and rails for pet accessories, such as treats and toys. With a cosy bed placed below, it’s their very own dog station. Paws off!
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Urban Jungle


Summery and sustainable, wicker is finally getting its moment in the sun, so dust off your old baskets and breathe new life into them as plant potholders finished with a lick of sunshine paint. Lemon Punch is a lovely shade that provides a natural foil for lush plants when painted in stripes across the wicker. Try different styles, from solid vertical or horizontal stripes to broken lines. All that’s left is to assemble your army of flora – go for varying species and heights and arrange in a corner painted in Tranquil Dawn for a joyful burst of greenery.

Looking to spruce up your home further, try adding a touch of colour to your woodwork, or simply make woodwork wonderful with our inspiration guide!

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