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Gold Living Room Ideas

A gold living room can create a sophisticated feel but if you don’t want to go all gold, a cream and gold living room brings a touch of luxury. Find out more here.


Find out how gold brings light, life and luxury to your living room.

Associated with glamour, wealth and warmth, gold room décor is a timeless choice for the hub of your home. Whether you choose metallic accessories, golden walls or luxurious fabrics, gold has the power to uplift tired designs and it works with other on-trend colours to transform your space.  Our gold living room ideas help you bring the Midas touch to your home.


The meaning of gold

Gold has long captured the imaginations of civilisations, from the ancient Egyptians to gold rush pioneers. You only need to look at historic temples across the globe to see the significance of the colour throughout the ages. In feng shui, gold is celebrated as an energetic representation of the sun and a tool for attracting prosperity. While gold is the colour of extravagance, glitz and glamour, it’s also warm, welcoming and full of vitality.

It’d be a tad overwhelming if everything you touched turned to gold,  but the beauty of this shade is its ability to shine within a range of colour schemes.


What colours go with gold?


Whether you’re starting from scratch with a gold living room design or making minor updates, the flexibility of gold allows you to mix and match with ease. Contrasting cool shades, like navy, teal, emerald green and sapphire, add a touch of opulence and sophistication. For an earthy appeal, pair it with warm neutrals, mustard, browns, reds and rusty oranges. Rose pink and gold evokes lush romance, while a cream and gold living room is the epitome of understated elegance.


Cream and gold living room


Gold is the perfect partner for cream as it brings just the right amount of luxury to simplicity, when you want the best of both worlds. Paired with cream and natural timber, gold also brings a welcome dose of warmth to revive a tired or bland space while giving it a modern, stylish edge.

To dip your toes into the look, choose a soothing shade like Caramel Blush 2 for a feature wall to highlight an attractive fireplace or recess. Complement the tone with warm creams for furnishings and decorate with subtle accents of brown and rusty red or orange. If you need to lighten things up a little, slather another wall in a warm white.


Enlivening neutrals with gold


If you love neutral, nature-inspired colour schemes but want to add a little razzle dazzle, gold knows just how to do it. It is, after all, organic material from the earth, so it rests alongside warm neutrals in perfect harmony. Simply add gold living room décor to your neutral scheme or put it to work to make more of a statement.

A two-tone wall is a great way to place focus on a specific zone in your living room, like a reading nook or a window seat. It also adds depth and visual interest without needing much else to stand out. Paint the lower half of a wall in warm Natural Taupe 2 and enliven the upper half with rich Cherished Gold. Hang artworks with accent colours of yellow, cream, rusty red and deep brown.


Bold gold accents


When it’s time to go bold, dark teal and gold are a match made in heaven. Just like gold, teal is a master of understated elegance. Meaning, it manages to look invitingly sumptuous and intriguing, without overwhelming the space by shouting out its presence.

For a space that’s soothing yet opulent, consider a feature wall with teal on the upper half and deep Night Jewels 2 on the lower half for depth and balance. Add a striking horizontal stripe of gold in between the two and match this for a lick of paint on the skirting. Metallic accessories and gold-tone furniture will enhance your bold gold accents.


Gold room décor and accessories


To enhance gold interior paint colours with accessories, consider the overall atmosphere you’d like to create in the living room. For example, a little sparkle goes a long way towards a glamorous look, so add a decorative mirror or wall hanging with a metallic frame that twinkles in the light. Copper lamps, vases and ornaments highlight gold, while pops of black, red or purple add a sense of drama and energy.

If you’d rather stick to a cream and gold living room where the focus is on cream walls and furnishings, look for eclectic gold accessories. Scatter a variety of gold cushions on the sofa, hang a gold-framed mirror over a fireplace and choose a contemporary chandelier or pendant lights in gold. Ornate frames, lampshades and ornaments in antique gold or brass create a vintage look, while bright yellow-gold accessories add reflective light and glamour.

Alternatively, could your stools, cupboards, window recesses or bookshelves do with a lick of gold paint? To try out your bold gold ideas, order some tester pots online to see what your colour choices will look like with the available light in your living room. Then, put them to good use on old furniture or feature accents to start your journey towards gaining the Midas touch in your home.

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