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Micro Makeover: How to paint the inside of your drawers to add colour to your daily routine

Add a pop of colour to your chest of drawers with Dulux's quick tips on how to paint the inside of your drawer.

Want to brighten your home ready for summer? There’s no time like the present – and what better way than with colour? Introducing pops of colour to your décor will bring a sense of renewal and energy to your everyday routine.

If you’re a little colour-shy, start off with a Micro Makeover like a painted chest of drawers. Upcycling existing furniture is a unique and cheap way to refresh your interior. You’ll not only be giving old furniture a new lease of life, you’ll be giving your room a stylish update.  


Looking for drawer painting ideas? Try this…

For this Micro Makeover, we’ve pulled out a colourful drawer painting idea that’s easy to achieve and fun to do.

You’ll see we’ve not only painted the drawers with cool Peppermint Candy, we’ve added bursts of bolder, brighter colours to the inside of each drawer.  We started with Willow Tree, then worked our way to Jurassic Stone and Luscious Lime.

This drawer painting idea might be discreet, but it’s a subtle way to show off your creative, colourful side.


How to create your own painted chest of drawers

Simply grab your Dulux Colours tester pots, or make the most of the leftover paint that’s been collecting dust in your cupboard. Then follow our step-by-step guide below and give it a go!

If you want to learn more about painting furniture, this guide might help… 

What you’ll need:

  • Masking tape
  • Brushes
  • Sand paper
  • Dusting brush
  • Undercoat
  • Top coats


Step-by-step guide:

Start by painting the outside of the chest of drawers

  • Apply the undercoat and allow to dry (4h max).
  • Lightly sand and remove dust from drawers
  • Apply your chosen colour


Then comes the fun part… adding the pops of colour!

  • Start by sanding down the sides of the insides
  • Apply your first pop of colour and work your way through to the final drawer
  • Leave the drawers open and allow to dry before you fully close them
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