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Achieve Industrial Style By Combining Warm Neutral Paint Colours

Transform your kitchen, bedroom or living room with contemporary industrial style designs from Dulux. Perfect warm neutral colour palettes to suit any room.


The industrial look is taking centre stage once again. This time, it’s teaming up with warm neutral paint colours – like most interior trends this year!

When you picture an industrial style kitchen or an industrial style living room, you probably think exposed pipes and brick, lots of metals and large, open plan spaces. While this industrial look is a cool and contemporary choice, it’s easy for rooms decorated in this style to feel cold and stark.

That’s where warm neutral paint colours come in. Embracing these shades will give your space a softer, friendlier edge.

Neutral paint colours: a focus on Brave Ground

The industrial look usually relies on cooler neutrals like black, white and greys. Yet the decorating world is now embracing warm neutral paint colours, such as browns and nudes. Our Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground, is a warm, earthy tone that will soften your surroundings and make your space feel more inviting.

Brave Ground will act as the bedrock for your industrial look. It lets other shades shine and won’t distract from the different elements that make up an industrial style kitchen, industrial style living room or industrial style bedroom.

Read more about Brave Ground and its four palettes here.

How to achieve the industrial look with Brave Ground

If you’re wondering how you can easily achieve the industrial look in your home, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

1. Choose a minimalist colour scheme

Industrial style and minimalism go hand in hand. So, when painting your walls, it’s important to keep things clean and fuss-free. Try layering warm neutral paint colours, like we have here with Brave Ground and Shifting Sands, to create a harmonious colour scheme. This will provide a firm foundation for your fixtures and fittings.

dulux industrial warm neutrals office space

2. Make the most of natural materials

A quick trick to achieving the industrial look is by weaving natural materials including woods and metals into your home. This can be in your furniture, lighting or accessories. In an industrial style kitchen, copper is often a favourite for a dark, rugged feel.

Again, the key here is to add interest yet keep things as minimalist as possible. You could even upcycle existing furniture and get creative with the textures and fabrics that you already have in your home.

dulux industrial warm neutrals kitchen

3. Pair Brave Ground with other colours

Introducing warm neutral paint colours into your industrial style doesn’t mean you have to avoid other shades completely. Brave Ground naturally goes with darker colours like those found in its Earth Palette. Here we paired our Colour of the Year with Faded Sky to create the perfect balance between sleek and modern, and warm and inviting. 


In need of more tips and tricks for using neutral paint? Gain inspiration and discover our white and neutral decorating ideas.

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