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Goodhood: Minimalist Homeware

Do you love minimalist homeware? Goodhood offers a collection of chic homewares and minimalist design ideas so you can declutter your home in style.


From the runaway rise of Mrs Hinch to the fashion for understated Scandi-design, we are all looking to declutter these days. And for good reason.

It’s a reflection on the fast pace of life we lead, and the need to turn our homes into a tranquil space to unwind from the stresses of the modern-day world. We’ve got some design ideas to turn your home into a minimalist space, including tips on how to accessorise with minimalist homewares from Goodhood, one of our favourite lifestyle shops.


The minimalist look


Minimalist design ideas may be in vogue right now, but we think it’s a look that will never go out of style. A messy home can have a negative impact on how we feel, so a minimalist lifestyle is the way to go to achieve a sense of bliss – and that’s something we all want. Even Oprah Winfrey has got in on the act with tips on how to rid our homes of unwanted clutter.

We are much more conscious than ever before of the effects of over consumption on the planet, and more of us are craving a simpler life with less stuff to weigh us down. A pared-back home with muted tones and natural materials is an easy way to free you of that weight. Minimalist design is focused on simplicity and function, where nothing in your room is without a purpose, and everything is placed where it is for a very good reason, including the chic homewares sold by Goodhood.


Goodhood homeware


While colour is the foundation for your minimalist home, accessories are the key to complete the look and Goodhood is a brilliant place to source those minimalist homewares, some of it hailing from as far away as Japan and Taiwan. Located in the trendy Hoxton neighbourhood of East London, Goodhood has been a fixture for style devotees since 2007, beginning with cool, sustainable clothing.

Now they have expanded with Goodhood home, selling effortlessly stylish items for every room in the house, from cool fabric organisers for the bathroom to cast iron candle holders, and tribal rugs for the living room. They even have a mat crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Find desirable items from well-known brands, such as Ferm Living and Iittala, along with emerging talent like Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Kristina Dam, all curated to reflect Goodhood’s fashion lines.


Like any self-respecting concept store, there's an adjacent café serving artisan coffee and fresh, seasonal produce. But if you don't live nearby, the Goodhood website is there to help you find an array of chic homewares, from wooden measuring spoons and chopping boards to Japanese stoneware, recycled cotton plant pots, woven rugs and sleek aluminium table lamps.


Time to declutter


It all starts with a clean-up of your stuff – there’s no getting around it. Follow some of the tips of the decluttering gurus and your housework should soon be a breeze. Zen Habits suggest dedicating five minutes a day to rid yourself of anything that is unwanted, or no longer needed, while others favour the one-in-one-out rule – for every item you add to your life, give or throw something away.

To achieve a tidy look and turn your home into a minimalist showcase worthy of a magazine spread, remember that minimalist décor follows clean and modern lines with lots of empty space to allow your room to breathe. It’s a chic and contemporary style that favours function over the whims of fashion.


The minimalist colour scheme


Neutral colours should underpin your minimalist design ideas, but it would be a mistake to follow the trend for stark white walls and be left with a house that feels cold and uninviting. Take inspiration from the Dulux colour palette and use subdued tones that will keep things warm without appearing crowded. Minimalism is especially responsive to a monochrome colour scheme that will allow your Goodhood accessories to shine without feeling overpowering. Stick to similar hues, such as this soft Nutmeg White paired with an Almost Oyster to achieve a monochrome look with just a hint of difference.

Alternatively, why not paint your walls this subtle Fossil Hunting with a coordinating Misty Mountain and then introduce a pop of colour with a single item of furniture, or add texture with a few scatter cushions in natural material from Goodhood? A statement piece can especially draw the eye in a minimalist home, but keep in mind that minimalism always favours quality over quantity, and your furniture should always be functional, not fussy.


To introduce colour, choose earth tones of brown in similar hues, such as this rich Hazlenut Truffle or an indulgent Spiced Honey. You could up the temperature a little with this delicate Burberry White to add just a hint of blue. Keep in mind that less is more in the minimalist style, so stick to the same tonal palette and use fabrics and textiles in similar colours to keep your room easy-on-the-eye.

Minimalism works well in every room in your home, from an uncluttered kitchen to a cool living room or restful bedroom. With the right accessories, you can even introduce your baby to the style in a minimalist nursery.

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