1. First, remove any knobs and handles and lightly sand the furniture with medium coarse paper – this will help the paint grip. Wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

2. Paint the bare furniture with a wood or multi-surface primer (use a multi-surface if you’re painting over old paint). Leave to dry and then lightly sand with a fine grade paper. Wipe to remove dust. 

Tip: Want to save time? Skip the priming step by choosing a colour from Dulux's Made by me range. Perfect for DIY jobs, Made by me acts as a primer and paint in one and is specifically designed for painting furniture.

3. Onto the exciting part. Choose your paint (the Made by Me range has gloss and satin finishes available, as well as glitter and metallic for smaller, more detailed projects). Remember, the glossier the finish, the easier it will be to keep clean. 

  1. To prevent brush marks, use a good quality brush (3-inch will suit most jobs) or a small roller. Use a 1-inch brush for the fiddly bits. You’ll need 2-3 coats to ensure an even coverage.

5. Once the paint is dry, sand lightly, clean away the dust with a damp cloth and marvel at your handiwork.

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