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Colour Lookbook: Find Your Perfect Colour Scheme To Create A Statement Feature Wall In Any Room with Simply Refresh

Discover modern and classic feature wall colour ideas with Dulux. Simply Refresh one coat colour combinations will help you find the perfect pairing for an accent wall.


When you need to add a splash of colour to your space, feature walls are a quick win. An accent wall gives your room instant wow factor without having to paint the entire space or fully commit to a new colour scheme.

Dulux Simply Refresh Feature Wall is a dedicated feature wall paint and part of the new Dulux Simply Refresh range. It guarantees* to cover your walls in just one coat and comes in 15 contemporary, eye-catching colours, so you can give your home a new lease of life in no time!

If you want to paint an accent wall but aren’t sure which feature wall colours are right for your home, we can help. Here are some feature wall ideas, as well as important things to consider when picking the perfect colour scheme for your home.

How to choose the right feature wall colours

There are a few factors you need to think about before you buy feature wall paint. You should consider…

The size of the space

If you’re painting a small space, like a WFH zone, dark feature wall colours are a smart choice. Darker feature walls give the illusion of a bigger room. A rich, dark purple like Decadent Damson from the Simply Refresh Feature Wall collection creates the perception of depth. And when the remaining walls are painted in a pale neutral such as Blush Pink, this colour scheme can make the room feel incredibly cosy and inviting.

decadent damson blush pink home office

The light in the room

The direction a room faces, and the way sunlight enters a room, should influence the colour of your feature walls. For example, south facing rooms get the most natural light throughout the day, which means most feature wall colours in the Simply Refresh Feature Wall range work great. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold colour. The jewel tones of Emerald Glade can add a touch of glitz and glam to any room. Greens are also a good pick for east facing rooms.

emerald glade arch

To learn more about how light can affect your feature wall colours, go here.

The feelings you want to echo

Paint colours can evoke feelings or memories. So, one of our top tips when picking feature wall colours is to choose a shade that’s going to stir up emotions or fill you with nostalgia. Warm colours, for example, can make you feel happy and optimistic. They can also remind you of sunshine or whisk you away to a hot summer’s day.

A bright yellow such as Golden Sands in the Simply Refresh Feature Wall range will certainly put a smile on your face. Why not try it as a fun painted headboard in your bedroom?

golden sands headboard

Try feature wall colours before you buy them

Still not set on a shade? Download the Dulux Visualizer app to your smartphone or tablet and see how different colours look on your feature walls before you order them. Best of all, every one of the 15 striking colours in the new Simply Refresh Feature Wall range are available to try out via the app.

Discover the Dulux Visualizer and why you should download it then watch how easy it is to achieve with Dulux Simply Refresh in this how-to video.

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