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Weekend Project: How to create a bedroom feature wall worth shouting about

Create a bedroom feature wall worth shouting about with Dulux's array of techniques like split wall or a combination of statement colours. Read more.


Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary. A space where you can escape from the outside world. So it’s important to design it according to your needs and personality. One of the most interesting, yet easiest ways to express your individual style is with a bedroom feature wall.


And because you won’t be redecorating your entire bedroom, you can transform your space in just two days.


Why should you paint a bedroom feature wall?

A feature or accent wall, is a wall that is painted or designed in a different way to other walls in a room. By simply using different shades of colour, this simple effect will allow you to add interest and impact to your bedroom.


Whether you want to make a show-stopping statement or create a calming focal point, there are endless bedroom feature wall designs for you to explore. And it all starts with choosing the right colour…


Which colours will suit my bedroom feature wall design?

The colours you choose for your bedroom feature wall can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep, and your mood when you wake up.


Some of the most loved bedroom feature wall ideas for 2020 include deep blues, soft greys and greens. All of which are within your reach thanks to Dulux Colours.


Don’t forget, you can use the Dulux Visualizer app to bring your bedroom feature wall ideas to life, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the right colour.


What are the bedroom feature wall trends for 2020?

Whether you’re dreaming of a grey feature wall bedroom, a blue feature wall bedroom or even green bedroom feature walls – here are four bedroom feature wall ideas to inspire your Weekend Project:


Embrace shades of soft green

Green bedroom feature walls are the perfect way to create a restful retreat. Instantly restore the feeling of calm within your room by painting your wall with Tranquil Dawn. Our Colour of the Year 2020 is a soft shade of green that will evoke feelings of peace and relaxation… the fundamentals to getting a good night’s rest.





Set the scene with a split wall

If you want a bedroom feature wall that's both eye-catching and on-trend, the split wall effect is a stylish way to supercharge your colour scheme. Similar to the tone-on-tone trend, this technique allows you to add depth through complementary hues. Why not layer up warm shades of Feather PillowFinest Burgundy and Angora Blanket?


Takeaway Tip: painting the upper section in a lighter shade will make your bedroom appear larger.


Bring nature into your bedroom

For a relaxing place to rest your head, embrace the soothing properties of natural hues. Painting your bedroom feature wall in an earthy shade of Soft Stone will bring a sense of comfort and warmth into your space to help you unwind after a long day.


Create depth with darker colours

It’s clear to see why blue feature wall bedrooms are trending right now. Decorating in darker shades, like Denim Drift, can have a calming effect, whilst adding character and depth to the room. For the perfect colour combo, balance your bedroom colour scheme with accents of Blush Pink.


Simply follow the steps below:

What you'll need:

  • A tin of each of your chosen paint colours
  • A roller and tray
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • String
  • Chalk
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brushes

Keep things on track:

  1. Choose your base.
  2. Narrowed it down to a few shades? Try them out with our mess-free and easy-to-use testers to select your perfect colour combination.
  3. Apply your main colour first, we’ve used Tranquil Dawn, Colour of the Year 2020. Once the paint is completely dry, you’re ready to create your split wall.
  4. Chalk your line by measuring down from the ceiling and marking a few dashed pencil lines using the tape measure. Next, rub chalk along a length of string. Stretch the string across the wall and secure it with masking tape at each end. Check the string is straight, then ping it to leave a chalk line across the wall.
  5. Apply a strip of masking tape below the bottom line of chalk. 
  6. Apply your second panel of paint and for a perfect finish, go just over the edge of the masking tape.
  7. Wait until the paint is still slightly wet, then peel away the masking tape to reveal your two-tone wall.

Watch the video >

Read more about the two tone wall >

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