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Micro Makeover: How to Create a Mobile Pallet Garden

Capture sunshine in every corner of your outdoor space with a mobile pallet garden, filled with flowers, vegetables or herbs in this simple portable garden project.


If you love gardening, but just don’t have the space to make the most of your green fingers we have a creative solution you might want to try…

We can show you how to create your very own pallet garden. Essentially, a beautiful mobile garden of all your favourite blooms, herbs or vegetables, which can be easily positioned anywhere you like.

Maybe to brighten your balcony? Add colour to the corner of your yard? Make your patio even more picturesque? Or even plant it pride of place in your conservatory! The point is, you can create a lovely pallet herb garden or pallet vegetable garden anywhere you like. So, let’s get started.


Your trusty tools:

1 small wooden pallet

Small hand saw

4 castors suitable for outdoors

Screwdriver and screws

Cuprinol Garden Shades in your favourite colour

2” brush

Dust sheet

Deep seed trays




Let’s get creative:


Step1: Cut down a pallet to a size that fits your space. This will form the foundation of your mobile garden, so you want it to be big enough to make an impact, but small enough to be able to move into any area you’d like it to live.

Step 2: Remove every other slat on the top of the pallet to create space for your plants to pop through. Then, use the offcuts to create a support for your plant trays underneath.


Step 3: Clean and sand off any sharp edges. This is your prep for painting your pallet planter the colour of your choice.



Step 4: Apply two coats of your favourite Cuprinol Garden Shades with a small roller and brush then allow to dry. There are so many stunning Cuprinol Garden Shades to choose from. Consider which colour would best suit the many possible locations your pallet garden could move to, and what sort of mood you’re wanting to create. Calm and soothing? Chic and stylish? Natural and earthy? Or bright and poppy? For our pallet planter, I chose Black Ash so my plants would pop against this background colour.


Step 5: Next you’ll need to fit the castors to the bottom. Then fill your seed trays with compost and slide them into your pallet planter.

Step 6: For the final finishing touch, just add your flowers, herbs or vegetables!


So, there you have it - you don’t necessarily need a garden to be able to do some gardening. With clever pallet garden ideas like this, you can create your green space absolutely anywhere you like. All you need is a little creativity.

Want to explore more garden ideas? Check out how you can create a garden statement feature or even learn how to create your own outdoor cinema.

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