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Ready for Summer: Create a Garden Statement Feature with Dulux Weathershield

Transform your tired garden into a trend setting space with Dulux Weathershield. Learn more about how to create feature walls with paint or touch up worn out areas.


When the summer arrives, it’s so nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine in your back garden. If your outside space is looking a little tired, a welcome splash of colour and a well-chosen accessory can really cheer things up. Here’s how to make your garden into a style statement. All it takes is a tin or two of Dulux Weathershield and a little imagination.

Paint a garden feature wall

For the best garden wall décor ideas, you have to go back to basics. Picture your garden wall as a blank canvas, then decide which direction you want to take it in. If you’re stuck for garden wall decor ideas, look to the flora and fauna for inspiration. You could try a palette that pairs perfectly with the flower petals. Or, create a cool contrast with crisp white setting off the green leaves. Either way, you’ll have a garden feature wall that’s the perfect backdrop to your outdoor get-together.

Relax with restful white

When you’re not entertaining, you want your garden space to feel relaxing and restful. A slightly off-white like Jasmine White offers a light, bright contrast to tumbling greenery, creating a space that’s both inviting and inspiring. To complete the scene, hang a swing chair and drift away in the pages of a good book.


Stripe it right

Exterior brick wall painting ideas aren’t set in stone. For example, there’s no rule that says you have to paint an entire wall in one single colour. For an Aztec-inspired theme, paint the top half of the garden wall in a neutral hue like Sandstone. Then, cut in with a warm, earthy tone like Tuscan Terracotta, in a striking colour block. Accessorise with lush, tropical leaves and add interest with well-placed pot of cacti.


Takeaway Tip: Go boho this summer and accessorise with ceramic pots, wicker baskets and floor cushions for laid-back outdoor living.


Cool stone and soft pastels

Languid summer evenings are made for lounging. For a laidback, elegant style, paint the bare brick wall in cool Smooth Flint then add warmth with weather-beaten wood and a burst of green ferns. Continue the natural theme with wicker seating and give it a feminine finish with soft-pastel furs and blankets.


Dulux Weathershield for the win

Painting the entire garden wall, tidying up tired brickwork... Dulux Weathershield is perfect for all your exterior brick wall painting ideas. Not only is it rainproof in around half an hour, it comes with a lifetime guarantee against peeling, flaking and staining. Plus, you can take your pick from 18 beautiful shades, to find the right look for your garden wall.

If you’re looking for even more outside inspiration, try these 6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home With Your Garden. 

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