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Colour Lookbook: 5 interior design trends to try in 2021

If there was ever a year to refresh your home, 2021 is it. 

Your home probably means more to you than it has done before. Whether your living room has been working overtime as an office or your dining room has doubled-up as a 5-star restaurant. It’s really been there for you, and now it’s time to return the love. 

We’ve put together the must-try colour schemes and top interior trends to help you make your home as beautiful and functional as possible for the year ahead.


1. Dulux Colour of the Year: Brave GroundTM


Each year our colour experts choose a shade that reflects the mood of the moment. This year, that colour is Brave GroundTM.

When the world feels unsteady, this bolstering shade has been carefully selected to neutralise and balance our homes. It’s warm, earthy tone connects us back to nature and brings us closer to the simple things.

Whether you want to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere in a room, or make your home office a source of inspiration, Brave GroundTM encourages feelings of stability, growth and provides a firm foundation for creativity.

Wooden dining table together with Dulux Colour of the Year

Learn how to use this shade in your home, alongside its four supporting colour palettes – Expressive, Timeless, Truth and Earth – so you have the courage to start again.

Or try it for yourself and pick up a Dulux roller tester for just £1.96.

2. Japandi: Create your own zen


As the name suggests, Japandi is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandi interior design – and one of the most sought-after looks this year.

Despite being oceans apart from where they originated, the two styles share key similarities. Both revolve around minimalism and functionality, and aim to create clean, calm spaces.

Japandi brings you the best of both worlds. The sleekness, elegance and tranquillity of Japanese design with the comfort, versatility and rustic elements of Scandinavian design.

For a Japandi colour scheme, turn to neutral tones, like Blush Pink, and contrasting colours like Indigo Shade. Whether you’re decorating a minimalist kitchen or minimalist bedroom, this warm, earth shade serves as a soothing foundation for any Japandi-inspired room.

Blush pink bedroom

Discover how to introduce neutral colour schemes into your home and create your own zen. 

3. Earth Shades: Setting the tone for 2021


Cinnamon browns, terracotta tones, putty greys. Earth shades are warm and welcoming colours that provide the perfect backdrop and antidote to our busy lives.

Earth shades create soothing, safe spaces for you to live and work in. For a harmonious colour scheme, layer our Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM, with similar neutral tones found in its Trust palette.

Earth shades are wonderfully versatile, too. Their easy-going nature means they let other shades shine. You could pair Brave GroundTM with darker shades from its Earth palette for a more interesting look.

Want to try the palette in your home? Find out more about how to use earth shades to create an industrial-style space.


Earth shades

4. Curved shapes: Reinventing feature walls


A feature wall is simply a wall that looks different to others in a room. We love this interior trend because it lets you experiment with colour, patterns and shapes.

For 2021, there’s a new, friendlier way for you to embrace feature walls: curved shapes. It’s a step away from the sharp, diagonal lines that are used for geometric wall designs – but just as impactful.

Painting a colourful arch like this one in Emerald Glade on a blank wall will supercharge your space. You’ll add interest and energy to a room that was once tired and lifeless.

Emeral glade Arch

Want to learn how to create an arch with the Colour of the Year 2021? Watch this handy video. Or discover how you can add personality to your walls by painting curved shapes in pinks and reds from the Expressive palette.

5. Home offices: Make WFH work for you


It will come as no surprise to you that home offices are a top trend for 2021. As more and more people are working from home, the demand for dedicated workspaces and study zones has risen – and continues to do so.

Brave Ground Office

With the right colours, you can turn almost any area of your home into an office that ignites creativity and encourages productivity. Transform under your stairs with the smart and sophisticated Denim Drift to help channel your thoughts and aid concentration. Or zone-off an area of your bedroom with warm neutrals, like Brave GroundTM, for a quiet, peaceful place where you can spend most of your day.

Geometric home

Or why not use the geometric shapes trend to transform your bedroom into an office space? The sharp lines and playful palettes will not only energise the room, they’ll give you a boost too!

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