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Colours & Accessories: A Match Made in Heaven

The pandemic meant we are all spending more time in our houses than ever before, especially for those who are still working from home. It’s important to strike the perfect balance between creating a practical environment and also creating a relaxing one that you love to spend time in.

Our colour experts have pulled the most popular colours for 2021 and teamed up with French online retailer La Redoute to bring you the best style advice to create a harmonious space where your accessories work beautifully with the colours you have chosen. Shall we dive in?


What are our most searched for colours?

First thing’s first, let’s take a look through the most searched for colours on our website.

Cool neutral
Warm neutral

In each of the sections below, we’ll take a look through the best accessories and styles that will work beautifully with each of these colour options – with the help of our friends at La Redoute.

Neutral tones

Despite more-and-more people being braver with their colour choices, neutral colours were the ones that saw the most searches in the last 12 months, so they are still very much in the public mindset.

Dulux paint colours that would fit nicely into the neutral category include:

La Redoute says…

There are many ways to accessorise a neutrally decorated room, depending on the style you want to go for. A gentle palette of different mixed neutrals works beautifully to bring life and texture to a space that could feel cold without these accents. It’s all about adding a sense of depth to your neutral room.

When it comes to accessories, add warmth with a floor lamp to cast a lovely glow across your space. Well placed table lamps will give the same impact without taking up floor space – perfect if space in your room is at a premium.

Add colour with some faux greenery – or real if you’re up to the challenge of looking after houseplants. Plants (whether fake or real) have the incredible ability of creating a relaxing environment, with tall and hanging varieties adding height to spaces.


Pure Brilliant White is a staple choice from our range and it’s easy to see why, with its ability to make rooms feel much larger than they actually are.

White has always been a classic colour choice for homes up and down the UK and it remains a popular option, being the second most-searched for colour on our website.

La Redoute says…

Crisp and clean, and with the ability to make a space feel much, much bigger than it is, white is a fabulous choice for the majority of rooms.

If white is your colour of choice, it’s important to consider accessories and how you’re going to style the room. White spaces can make a space feel overly clinical but with the right décor, you can bring personality into your room.

Similar to the neutral tones above, think about adding warmth with lighting solutions that cast a glow on the walls and ceiling. It’s up to you whether you decide to bring in a spot of colour to your white room or just switch up the shades of white by adding textural cushions and throws.

Add depth to a white room with a large wall mounted mirror or if space allows, go for a freestanding option – just make sure if you have small children that you secure it in position.


With so many different blue hues available in our range, you can be confident that finding a fabulous blue that suits your individual tastes will be easy – whether it’s a navy shade or a sky blue.

Representing intelligence and serenity, blue is a powerful statement that remains incredibly popular with our customers.

Some of our favourite blue shades at Dulux include:

La Redoute says…

Blue is a colour that can suit the majority of spaces – whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living space. Because of the wide variety of shades available, it’s important to pick accessories that work with each blue. For instance, something that works well with navy might not sit right in a sky-blue room.

Accessory ideas for navy blue rooms

Gold and navy are a classic colour combination. For navy walls, contrast with gold accessories like vases and pots. In particular, those that have a glossy surface will reflect light back into the room and help lift a darker space.

Dress windows with softer fabrics if you’re going for curtains – anything too heavy will reduce the amount of light coming in. Lighter coloured venetian blinds (white, dove grey etc) are a good option for navy rooms as they increase light while maintaining privacy.

Accessory ideas for lighter blue rooms

For lighter blues, stick with sandy tones – not dissimilar to the gold hues we would recommend pairing with darker blue. Just take the shade up a few notches and look for beige colours to create a relaxing, almost beach-esque feel to your space. This works especially well in bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to create a sense of tranquillity.

Play around with different textures using soft furnishings like cushions, throws and rugs and look for light wood or white-washed furniture to add a touch of rustic charm to your space.


Green remains a popular choice for our customers. Dark greens echo their blue counterparts by providing a sense of opulence, while lighter greens like sage work well in kitchens.

Some of our favourite greens include:


La Redoute says…

Green is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a wide range of accessories. From gold to white and other neutral tones, there are a huge variety of colours that could work well in your space.

If you want something with a rustic feel, opt for darker brown furniture and accessories and add depth with pops of colour like solid yellow cushions, wall art and throws.

Brown isn’t for everyone however, but it’s still possible to keep a rustic theme by incorporating different shades of green with a selection of indoor plants.

Remember, don’t worry about real plants if you struggle to keep them alive, realistic faux plants are now so good that it’s often impossible to tell the difference!


Passion, danger, courage: whatever red means to you, there’s no denying it continues to make a bold and attention-grabbing colour choice for a wide range of different spaces. A red living room evokes a feeling of luxury, while a red kitchen feels fun and vibrant.

Some of our favourite shades include:


La Redoute says…

Finding the right red for your space can be tricky, but by accessorising well, you can pull together an opulent look that will have your guest’s jaws hitting the floor in amazement.

There’s no denying it, red is a bold choice, so it’s important to soften some of those sharper edges with different textures and furnishings. Break up red walls with furniture like bookcases and sideboards and add height with a variety of pots, sculptures and plants.

And there you have it, our top colours for 2021 alongside tips and tricks to get the most out of your space with the style experts at La Redoute! If you’re feeling inspired to get the paint brushes out, don’t forget to check out where your nearest Dulux stockist is located.

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