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Dulux Colour Lookbook: the hottest hues to transform your interiors in 2019

Reinvent your space for everyday living with new neutrals from our Colour of the Year 2019 palette


The way we use our spaces is ever-changing, with more of us working from home, or simply seeking the right balance between work, play and rest. Embrace a more flexible space with new neutrals from our Colour of the Year 2019. This range of colours is designed for dwellers who seek a space to recharge and re-boot away from the frantic outside world. With a little inspiration, we’re here to help you create a home that helps you think clearly and calmly.

A home office to inspire with Spiced Honey


Create a smart space for home working, a sophisticated corner for prospective clients, or a professional backdrop to those last-minute video conferences.

The rich, peppery tone of Spiced Honey makes for a stimulating background, perfect for enhancing productivity. Paint a thick stripe in Leather Case across the top two-thirds of the room. Its deep tone is bold and thought-provoking for a creatively inspiring room. Use an off-white like Feather Pillow for the top-third of the room. It’s a bright contrast that works with the horizontal line to make the room bigger and airier – a great place for coming up with fresh new ideas.

Decorate with inspiring objects and modern art that make you smile – an eclectic look that brings the whole room together.

Which Colours?

Spiced Honey
Leather Case 
Feather Pillow

A quiet corner to reflect with gentle, cloudy whites


It’s not all about work. In a busy world where we’re bombarded by deadlines and demands, we need a special place to retreat to and relax in. Carve out a special space for ‘you time’.

Use soft neutrals like Feather Pillow, a cloudy white with blue undertones for a soothing background that’ll let you switch off – and drift off.

Complement with Waxed Wood on an alternate wall. This muted taupe has a natural, woody hue. Harness the warmth of this earthy shade with pink accents in chic, decorative ornaments.

Style your room with a minimalistic approach – it’s on-trend and geared perfectly for creating clear, open spaces for reflection. Decorate sparingly with tactile furnishings for a comfortable and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle.

Which Colours?

Feather Pillow 
Waxed Wood


Zone open-plan living with bold colours


Restore balance at home and zone with bold colours for a practical and beautiful space that serves all your needs.

Warm up open-plan living with earthy neutrals like dusky Angora Blanket. Its pale, sandy hue sets a balmy backdrop – accentuate with natural, wooden furnishings.

Get creative and mix and match with inviting pastels like Soft Stone. Paint soft colours in blocks to carve out special corners for you to finally finish that great read. Paint the top of your walls in intensely rich Finest Burgundy to give the whole look a graphic edge.

For a cosy feel, use Leather Case in your living room. Its smooth, moussy tone works well when paired with textured soft furnishings like knitted grey blankets and velvety cushions. A luxurious look that’s always welcoming.

Which Colours?

Finest Burgundy 
Angora Blanket 
Soft Stone 
Leather Case

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