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dulux emerald glade living room

Style Your Home for Winter with These Seasonal Colour Schemes

With the temperature dropping and darkness arriving earlier each day, winter is a time to retreat indoors and get cosy. And if you’re looking to make your home feel warmer and more inviting, turn to these 3 winter colour palettes for inspiration. Introducing some bold new colours into your home not only gives the space a lift, it can help you feel happier spending more time inside. 


Winter Colours: Jewel Tones

When you think of winter colours, you tend to picture pale skies, bare trees and frosty pavements. Everything feels a little washed out, which is the last thing you want your home to feel. But of course, as we get closer to Christmas, we move into the season of parties and celebrations, when rich bold colours come back into focus. A winter palette inspired by the opulence of precious gems can add a real sense of luxury to your home. Think sapphire blues, emerald greens and ruby reds. The beauty of these colours is you can take your palette in different directions.

Here we’ve paired Night Seas with Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™️, to bring balance to this easygoing living space. The deep oceanic blue, rich green foliage and earthy clay of Brave Ground™ lend the room a sense of calm and connection with the natural world.

dulux brave ground night seas living room split wall

But you could take it a step further with a split wall effect. Here we’ve teamed Dark Garnet and Chocolate Fountain together to create a bedroom of total indulgence. Bold burgundies and rich, ruby reds are perfect winter colours because they add both warmth and a boost of energy that we all need at this time of year.

dulux garnet chocolate fountain bedroom split wall

If you wanted to dial up the level of luxury in your living room, start with a wall in Emerald Glade. Straight away you’ve got a space that feels regal yet modern. Tie it together with crushed velvet cushions, copper furniture and a pop of hot pink to catch the eye. 

emerald glade living room with dulux dog

Find out how green can revive your senses here. Or, if you want to explore another gorgeous example of deep jewel tones at home, have a look here.

Winter Colour Palette: Layered Neutrals

Neutrals add warmth to your space, allowing soft subtle shades of colour to add interest. One way to go about it is to layer up harmonious hues in the same neutral shade to give the room a laidback yet luxurious feel. Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™️ works particularly well, giving any room a sense of warmth and grounding. In the bedroom, pair with sumptuous throws and deep-pile rugs to dial up the cosiness. Or, in more open spaces, you can match it with a muted neutral like Pressed Putty to add a sense of light and shade. 

brave ground pressed putty study

Neutrals can also be used to create contrast. In winter, layer warm earthy tones to make your living space feel relaxed and comfortable. Here we’ve used Cookie Dough below and Summer Linen on top.

It’s easy to adapt your winter colour palette for summer, too. Simply switch your accessories. Instead of cosy throws, add a few ceramic pots and wicker baskets for a light and bright bohemian vibe.

summer linen cookie dough living room

For more on how to make neutrals the star of your space, go here.

Deep Winter Colour Palette: Black and Grey Tones

It might seem counter-intuitive to paint a room in black. After all, winter is dark enough! Yet the point isn’t to paint an entire room black, but to use this winter colour as an accent, or to create a striking feature. Grey has a softening effect on black, as you can see below.

Here we’ve used Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood in Rich Black to give a chest of drawers a new lease of life. Upcycling your existing furniture will not only save you money from splashing out on new pieces – black paint will actually make the space look more expensive! Black absorbs light too, allowing the sheen on our copper accessories to really shine.

See how we did it, here.

Dulux rich black upcycled bathroom cabinet

If you are going to use black, it’s really important that the room is well-lit – otherwise it can look too gloomy. In this example, we made a feature of the old fireplace, painting it in Rich Black and filling it with logs, echoing the natural wood flooring and furniture. You can find out more about painting a black fireplace here

Dulux rich black fireplace
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