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A spot of yellow helps focus the mind

When it comes to decorating a home office, creating a calming environment is key. Essentially, you need somewhere you can concentrate and take a moment to breathe when things get stressful. The aesthetics of your office space are just as important as its functional features, such as a desk, chair and lamp.

Decorating a home office in bright colours can help boost productivity and focus the mind. No colour does this better than yellow, which is associated with warmth, happiness and light. And, depending on the shade, yellow can also help boost confidence and create a positive mindset for working. Read on as we take you through the best home office colours and how to bring your workspace to life. 

Study Colour Schemes

Selecting the right shade of yellow for your office can be tricky since there are so many to choose from. Some of the yellow shades that work well in an office include:

  • Pale yellow – shades like Lunar Falls are great for filling the entire room with a toned-down yellow that provides just the right amount of brightness.
  • Bold yellow – consider shades such as Lemon Spirit or Banana Split for a bold accent wall.
  • Warm yellow – Warm yellow shades such as Honey Mustard are ideal for creating a sunny, positive backdrop. Pair with white furniture for a stylish look.
  • Lemon yellow – Use lemon yellow paint such as Lemon Tropics for colour-blocking in a home office. 

Yellow Room Ideas

Not only does yellow look great and help brighten up a room, but it’s also an optimistic colour that can inspire you to think creatively. However, yellow can sometimes be too stimulating when used in excess, so you should use furniture and textiles to balance out this bright hue.

Before you start designing your ideal yellow workspace, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like a vintage, traditional or modern look. Do you want just a subtle splash of yellow, or do you want to completely transform your office into a sunshine paradise?  

Make an impact

An accent wall is always a great choice when it comes to making a statement. Cover the office’s back wall (or the wall that the desk will rest against) with a bold yellow, such as Lemon Spirit or Banana Split. Then, add light wooden furniture and a couple of pieces of wall art to complete the look. 

Balance out a minimalist look

Infuse some life into a minimalist furniture scheme by choosing a bold yellow as your backdrop. Select a warm yellow, such as Honey Mustard, and paint all over to give the room ultimate vibrance. If the only furniture in your office is a desk and chair, a knockout yellow can add immediate character to the room.

A hint of yellow

If you aren’t sure whether you want to commit to an all-yellow office, you can trial the colour by incorporating it via textiles and accessories, or by using it in small quantities. For instance, try adding in a yellow curtain and see what you think. The eye is typically drawn to the boldest colour in the room, so adding a yellow feature at the forefront of the space will create the impression that your office is colour-happy, rather than lacking colour.

A vibrant yellow rug can also make a room feel super cosy and stylish in an instant. Stick to a neutral colour for the walls, such as Absolute White or Bowler Hat, and let the room’s smaller features do the talking. A touch of greenery can make all the difference, so consider dotting a couple of potted plants around the room, too.

Alternatively, use a small amount of yellow paint on just a section of the room, such as the trims of a window or door. Choose a sherbet yellow shade that’s bold, bright and impactful, such as Citrus Sorbet – don’t be afraid to be daring!

Colour block

A colour-blocked wall is a great way to separate off your workstation from the rest of the room, while adding some life to the space. Try pairing a bright white, like Frosted Dawn, with a bold yellow, like Lemon Punch, for an ultra-chic office look. You can highlight the room’s overall appearance by adding in touches of pink and orange, such as with a rug or some scatter cushions. This will help reinforce the warmth of the yellow.

Home office colours

Ready to give your home office a makeover? If you can’t quite decide on a colour scheme or you’re having trouble choosing between multiple shades, see your home office colours in action with the Dulux Visualizer app. Download the app for free, take pictures of your office space and select your colour choices to watch them revamp the room. Create your dream office today with our inspiring yellow shades and expert interior tips. 

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