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Clara Amfo with Brave Ground™ and Cardamom Pod

Micro Makeover: Refresh Your Home with a Fun Feature

Have you heard that we have a beautiful new ambassador for 2021’s Colour of the Year? Clara Amfo is our champion for Brave Ground™ and she’s here to show you how you can get creative with one of her favourite wall décor ideas. 


“We all want to be in a space that makes us feel good!” says Clara. And never has that been truer than right now, when our homes are our safe place.

Clara had already transformed her living room with Brave Ground™ and now she’ll show us how she put her stamp on her new interior, with a little help from our very own Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford.

An attention-grabbing arch

Creatively directing from far, Marianne jumped on a video call  to help Clara create the perfect arch - a fun and colourful feature to add contrast to her backdrop of the calming hue of Brave Ground™.  

Clara Amfo with Brave Ground™ and Cardamom Pod

Arch painting in-action


If you’d like to learn how to paint an arch on a wall with the guidance of Marianne and Clara, we caught it all on camera here. Unsurprisingly, Clara was so “as chuffed as cheesecake” with her creation, it’s given her the DIY bug!

If our wall décor ideas have got you inspired, why not order a roller tester of Brave Ground™ and Cardamom Pod from our COTY21 Timeless Palette and see where this calming colour combo would look fab in your home?

How to paint an arch on a wall in 7 simple steps

Not a fan of a feature wall? Why not try a feature shape? It’s one of our favourite DIY wall décor ideas because while being attention-grabbing, its smooth shape helps it sit seamlessly on any wall. Like what you see? Then here’s how to create it:

Step 1: From the edge of the wall you want the arch to appear on, measure inwards 30cm and make a mark on the wall. This will be the first side of your arch. From there, measure a further 90cm and mark. This will be the second side of your arch.

Step 2: Take a piece for string, roughly the length of you, and pull the string over the chalk. Tie a knot in the top of the string and tie a weighty item to the bottom of the string. 

Clara Amfo with Brave Ground™ and Cardamom Pod

Step 3: Pop a piece of masking tape below the knot and line the string up with the first mark you made, and stick it to the wall.

Step 4: Make sure the string is sitting taut against the wall. Ping it away from the wall and as it springs back, the chalk that you rubbed across the string earlier will leave a mark. Repeat step 2-4 to create the second edge of your arch.

Step 5: Apply masking tape to outside each of the lines. Knot a small piece of string and put a drawing pin through it. Measure and mark the middle between your two lines of tape and pop in the drawing pin. 

Clara Amfo with Brave Ground™ and Cardamom Pod

Step 6: Take hold of the end of the string and your piece of chalk, and use the string to help you draw the semi-circle of the arch.

Step 7: Paint your arch using Cardamom Pod, remove the masking tape and admire!

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