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My Colour Story: Clara Amfo finds a colour to create a calming space in Brave Ground™

Dulux's colour of the year ambassador Clara Amfo talks about her love of Brave Ground™, how it connects to mother earth & her roots. Read more at Dulux.


As Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021 Ambassador, Clara Amfo has taken her role seriously. So seriously in fact, that she’s already painted her flat in Brave Ground™’s lovely earth tone.

Spending more time at home has motivated Clara, as it has many of us, to try her hand at the DIY she’d previously have easily put off because of her busy schedule.  And with more time on our hands, it’s a great opportunity to get more creative than we usually would, too.

A home inspired by home

So, what drew Clara to Dulux Brave Ground™? 

Brave Ground™ - It’s earth colour, a protective colour, it’s a supportive colour. It just makes me feel calm,” Clara explains. “And it makes all the other colours in my home pop even more.”

They’re certainly all the things that many of us are seeking this year, which is why Brave Ground™ was the perfect colour choice. Clara paired Brave Ground™ with its supporting Timeless colour palette, which includes some of her favourite Dulux calm colours. 

Looking around Clara’s flat and we can’t help but notice that it’s full of fabulous items and inspiration she’s brought back from places she’s visited from around the world, and from her home.

“Ghana is a really colourful country… there’s always an injection of life into everything, so I wanted to bring a bit of home to my home,” says Clara.

A calming colour in a chaotic world

“I love bright colours,” says Clara. “I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of colour in our lives.”

But with a busy career in music and TV, Clara likes to have a little tranquillity at home.

“I think colour is important in people’s homes because it’s directly linked to emotion,” she explains. “I like peace. I need time to zone out.”

Clara was lucky enough to have Dulux’s very own Creative Director, Marianne, on hand via FaceTime to help her paint a colour popping feature arch in Cardamom Pod onto her calming Brave Ground™ backdrop. Watch how to create your own here:

Using Brave Ground™ and its four supporting colour palettes, Clara has used the earth tones to transform her living room into a comfortable, peaceful and inspiring space to relax.

“Transforming my space has made me feel really good. I was creative at school but I wasn’t an artist, but I’ve managed to do a pretty decent job,” says Clara. “If you’ve never transformed a space before I’d say, just go for it!”

And if Clara’s had a calming influence on your next painting project, why not order a roller tester of Brave Ground™ and see if you can find a peaceful place for it in your home?

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