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On Trend Coloured Interior Woodwork

From bold colours to minimalist neutrals, stay ahead of the curve with Dulux’s on trend colour schemes.


Grey is a paint shade that is going nowhere fast. Grey paint for wood, on the other hand, might just be the newest way to give your room the makeover it deserves, and without the hassle of painting the whole room. Dulux has an impressive range of on-trend shades of grey for woodwork, from Polished Pebble and Goose Down to Chic Shadow, Natural Slate and of course, Black.

“Adding colour to the woodwork and leaving the walls neutral can give you just enough colour to make a statement without overwhelming the space,” says Dulux’s creative director, Marianne Shillingford. “Coloured woodwork can also act as a connecting thread that binds the look and feel of different rooms in a home together, as well as masking dirt and dust much better than plain white woodwork does.”


Black furniture paint used on cupboard doors and skirting is one sure fire way of making that design statement. The addition of black door paint on skirting boards or bannisters will make any entranceway one that visitors won’t forget in a hurry and will certainly ensure the room becomes the centre of attention in your home.


Style tip: Trying out a brave new shade on your woodwork is less commitment than painting it straight on the walls and, if you choose a mid or low-sheen finish, like Satinwood or Eggshell, any imperfections in the surface you are painting will be minimised.
Grey is such an elegant neutral. Grey skirting board paint can be used on just about any coloured wall without too much fuss and can instantly give a room a new lease of life. Paired with light brown kitchen cabinets, you have a contemporary look for your kitchen, perfect for the new decade. In the bedroom, paired with a light natural wood grey shades like Polished Pebble or Goose Down, your Scandi-inspired dreams will come true.


Grey trim in a bedroom is an easy way to soften the space, particularly if it is already neutrally painted. Transform any space with contrasting greys, to either create a dramatic statement, or complement a mono-chromatic style. Grey on white is a modern way of updating the classic black-and-white of years gone by and will easily modernise your home.

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