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How to pick the perfect grey to work with your sofa

If you have just purchased a new sofa or an accent chair, you may want to find a gorgeous grey to work with it. You may want your sofa to stand out or even blend in with the surroundings. This article will help you find that perfect shade of grey, no matter what colour your sofa is.


If you have a stylish grey sofa like this DFS French Connection Zinc, then there are two ways in which you can pick a grey paint to work with this. If you want your sofa to really pop in your space, then opt for a darker grey than the sofa itself. Urban Obsession is a richly pigmented, true grey and will definitely make your sofa centre of attention and also make your room feel cosy. If you want to blend the sofa in with the walls then opt for a shade which is similar- Deep Fossil will do just the trick for this sofa. Explore more of our deeper shades of grey HERE


Perhaps you have a gorgeous accent chair like this DFS Capsule Peace and want to find a grey that will work as a neutral backdrop. Using the Dulux Visualizer app will allow you to pick from 50 of our shades of grey and see what they look like on the wall instantly! A dark grey like Night Jewels 3 will act as a great feature wall colour and really allow your accent chair to pop. For a light grey options that work well with every colour, there is our most popular greys; Polished Pebble,  Goose Down and Chic Shadow. Explore more light greys HERE.



For a beige sofa such as the DFS House Beautiful Sophia you can use some grey shades with undertones of colour. Colours such as Garden Grey which has a subtle green undertone or Pebble Shore which had more of a beige undertone will complement the tones within the sofa fabric. You can then add pops of your favourite colour through accessories such as cushions, throws and ornaments. Your neutral backdrop and sofa means you can change up those accessories as much as you like without having the job of redecorating each time!

If you want some further advice on picking the right shade of grey then read our Dr.Dulux How to find the right shade of grey or see our Greys hub.

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