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Grey Kitchen Ideas

Our tips and ideas for the perfect grey kitchen


With our grey kitchen ideas, there's something for everyone. Whether it's a dove grey kitchen or a dramatic dark grey kitchen, find your style with Dulux.


Modern and chic, grey kitchens are timeless. Our grey kitchen ideas are packed with decorating inspiration - from utilitarian and industrial shades, to soft and airy colour combinations, grey kitchens can pack a punch or be a calming place to cook up a storm.

Dark grey kitchens in charcoal tones make for a dramatic space, while light grey kitchens are sophisticated and versatile.


Who says grey kitchens can't have personality?


Grey is the perfect shade to use as a backdrop to contrasting pops of colour, while matt grey walls provide texture as well as being hardwaring and practical.

Dove grey kitchens embody traditional country-style themes, and grey and copper kitchens add a modern, metallic twist.

Find your kitchen inspiration and the perfect grey for you with our tips, advice and products.


Our grey kitchen guides

Below is a selection of guides to help you choose the perfect grey for your kitchen.



Check out our Greys hub for even more grey ideas.

Ready to pick grey?


If you are all set on a grey kitchen, the next step is to pick the right grey for you!

  • How to find the right shade of grey
  • Explore a neutral pallette ideas for your grey bedroom.
  • Want to visualise grey in your kitchen? Download our app to visualize how your grey bedroom could look
  • Order your grey roller tester so you can see how the colour looks when in your kitchen.
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