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Dr Dulux: Adding Colour to a Blank Canvas

Give your home some personality with these great colour tips from Dr Dulux.


Q: I’ve just moved into a house that’s completely painted in white. The thought of living somewhere devoid of colour isn’t appealing but I don’t know where to start. Please help! Jake, Whitstable

A: Don't worry Jake, it will be all white, I promise (sorry…couldn’t resist!). Seriously, here’s my top tips for bringing colour into your space and putting your stamp on your new home at the same time. There’s no need to put up with a boring colour scheme - never fear, Dr Dulux is here!

1. Download the Dulux Visualiser App and try the colour picking tool to choose a selection of colours that will be completely unique to you (think Pinterest but for colours). This selection is your starting point for choosing not only wall colours but your guide for furnishings and finishing touches too.

2. Be bold. Pick a strong colour or two from your selection and use it where it will create impact without being overpowering. Try this on a feature wall, a piece of furniture, the skirting boards or door and window frames.

3. Order testers of your colour selection and then take these when you go shopping for home ware, accessories and soft furnishings so you can ensure everything works tonally.

4. If you’re feeling cautious, remember that falling in love with anything can take time. Flirt a while before diving straight in and try painting smaller items like picture frames or shelves before committing to entire walls.

And finally, remember…

Have fun! Play around and experiment with shades you like. The Dulux Visualiser tool will pick colours accurately (make sure you use it in good light for the best results). It will also suggest great colour combos and neutral coordinates that will enhance the bright shades you love, so there’s no risk of a colour clash anywhere in your home.

Need more help to recreate the look or trend in your own home? Contact our Dulux Design Service to find your nearest Dulux designer on 0333 222 7021 or visit www.duluxdesignservice.co.uk

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