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Embrace simplicity with earthy colours

Get back-to-basics with deep and honest hues.


There’s a sense of satisfaction in knowing how and when your food was made, or being privy to the history of a beautifully crafted dining table. More and more of us are experimenting with cooking, building, sewing and crafting in order to live a happier, more authentic life. Many of us are shunning big factories and impersonal ways of doing business.

Embrace small-scale living by surrounding yourself with earthy colours. Think warm, saturated shades inspired by nature’s dye, like reds from beetroots and firm, juicy berries, saffron yellow, warm terracotta, bright greens that remind us of basil and mint, deep plum and beautiful indigo tones of denim. Indigo adds a surprising and tranquil depth to any space and combines wonderfully with the other nature inspired colours.

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