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Add Warmth with a Burnt Orange Living Room

Want to warm up your living room? Create a cosy haven using burnt orange paint. From autumnal to rustic, find inspiration with our burnt orange living room ideas.


Cocoon yourself in the cosiness of rustic, autumn shades.

Picture an autumn landscape decorated in rich shades of red, orange and yellow. The season is visually dazzling outdoors and burnt orange paint allows you to bring a similar effect into the home, without the accompanying chill. This is a colour that literally radiates warmth and cosiness. Its welcoming appeal is a highlight of rustic interiors that blend natural materials with furniture that’s made to relax into. If you want a haven that always invites you to kick off your shoes, settle down and bask in the warmth, you’re going to love a burnt orange living room.


Burnt orange living room ideas


Decorating with burnt orange is much easier than you may think. First of all, you can go as rich or as earthy as you like, with tonal variations that are reminiscent of copper, terracotta, rust, clay or even burnt red. Layering different shades introduces depth to your living room and harmonises the overall look. However, burnt orange paint also resides beautifully with a range of colours that enhance the tone, including teal, navy blue, greys, rich browns, off-white and black.

To get you started, here’s how to bring the warmth in with our burnt orange living room ideas.


Create with contrast


Teal and orange sit opposite each other on the colour wheel and pair up as a striking team. While burnt orange brings the warmth, dark teal is calming, gently invigorating and effortlessly elegant. Consider painting a larger feature wall with deep Toasted Clay and a smaller wall in Teal Lux.

For brightness and balance, paint the ceiling and trim in fresh white. Highlight both colours with matching accents in cushions or accessories. Black furniture adds sophistication and a touch of drama to this perfect colour pairing.


Highlight features


Exposed wood adds dimension to your living room and weathered planks evoke the feeling of a cosy, rustic retreat. If you’re lucky enough to have these features at home, rustic orange paint was simply made to highlight them. On a backdrop of pale neutrals like Timeless or Oyster Cove, add a splash of orange to create a focal point around exposed wood.

Contrast the colour with bright white furniture and accessorise with a faux animal skin rug for a sophisticated yet woodsy appeal. Accent shades of pale blue or green plants add visual interest. If you don’t have exposed wood to play with, accentuate large bronze, gold or copper pieces with a burnt orange background.


Use blocks of colour


Get creative with a burnt orange living room by using blocks of colour to emphasise a contemporary, stylish design that makes an impact. This is also a great way to section off space to create a zone for open plan living rooms. For that cosy vibe, paint the lower half of the walls in warm Copper Blush. A lighter shade at the top, like off-white, elevates a sense of space and brightness. In between both shades, paint an earthy stripe for that striking impact.

Neutral furniture in rich browns and natural wood helps to balance and highlight your stunning wall design. To top off the contemporary feel, accessorise with dramatic black pendant lights and add texture with throws and cushions in deep red, green or gold. Indoor plants add the final touch as a refreshing contrast to the warmth.


Showcase simplicity


If you love soothing shades, soft textures and an understated vibe that depicts the Danish concept of Hygge, smother your walls in cocooning hues like Cappuccino Candy 2. Tie the look together with deep brown or black furniture and wooden pieces for a sense of rustic comfort.

A variety of textures adds extra cosiness to this style, especially if you have bare concrete or wooden floors. Think woven floor rugs, plush cushions and luxurious throws draped over the chairs. Use bright burnt orange as an accent colour in this design, along with pops of burgundy, yellow and grey. Don’t forget to add personal mementoes to complete the inviting, intimate atmosphere.


Try out burnt orange living room ideas


There’s no doubt that burnt orange makes quite a statement and you might be wondering how it’ll match up with the fixtures in your living room. We’ve got you covered, so you can try your ideas before committing to buying cans of paint. First of all, download the free Dulux Visualizer app. Using augmented reality, you’ll take pictures or video of the space, pick your favourite autumnal shade and tap your choices to see what they look like on the walls.

You can also buy Dulux paint tester pots at your local hardware store or online. Slather away on A4 pieces of lining paper, wait for the paint to dry and hang the samples up near the carpet, fixtures or anything else to ensure a good colour match.

Once the decorating is complete, look forward to a burnt orange living room that invites luxuriously lazy days, cosy nights in with friends and eternal warmth.

Looking for more orange paint inspiration? Discover other shades of orange with our orange decorating ideas.

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