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6 Ways to Style the Colour of the Year 2017

From inky indigos to pale and pretty, there’s a Denim Drift colour palette for every style of space.

Cheerio Cherished Gold, we’ve got a case of the blues. Our Colour of the Year 2017, Denim Drift to be precise.

This relaxed hue subtly shifts between blue and grey depending on the light and time of day. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, it’s a comfy, classic shade that looks good with just about anything. What’s not to like?

Denim Drift forms part of a palette of 10 different blue tones that all complement each other: Earl BlueWoad WalkCobalt NightMarine WatersCornflower BunchDenim DriftClock FaceSash BlueIndigo Shade and Borrowed Blue.

Take a look at these different ways Denim Drift can be used in your spaces and be inspired to give the shade a try at home:

1. Mr. Blue Sky

Soft, yet striking, the ombre effect is still as popular as ever. This paint technique is a unique way to add a look that echoes a twilight sky and brings instant calm to a space. There’s a few ways to work ombre colours, but we love the dip-dye ombre effect for Denim Drift. Pair it with a darker colour of the palette at the base and working up to the lightest blue in the palette, Clock Face.

Expert tip

Watch How to Achieve an Ombre Effect for our step-by-step visual guide.

2. Set the two-tone

The two-tone is an easy-peasy way to bring depth and interest to your room. This calming living space features Denim Drift with Indigo Shade. Keep the lighter shade on the top half to heighten the look of your ceiling. Take it one step further and use the same dark blue on the furniture too. It’ll avoiding any visual disruptions to the effect, making spaces appear roomier.

Expert tip

Looking for a different combination? One reliable strategy is to pick two shades from the same colour family, or from the same paint swatch card. Or, use any of the blue shades above.

3. Smart studying

Contrast Denim Drift with bold Tin Red for an inspiring home office with impact that’ll keep your creative juices flowing. Every home office should look this good.

Expert tip

Most of us don’t have the luxury of giving over an entire room for a workspace , so we usually end up carving out a work area from our other spaces. That’s where this ‘zoning’ technique comes in handy – a lick of paint in a contrasting shade can mentally separate a multi-functional room and keep them contained in an open plan space.

4. Dapper dado

Dado rails can be the perfect opportunity to get a little confident with colour, allowing you to experiment with darker accents and stronger shades (such as Cobalt Night, pictured).

Expert tip

For a more contemporary spin on the two-tone dado effect, keep the darker colour, Denim Drift in this look for example, on the top and a lighter shade, Muted Blush on the bottom and carry the two-tone effect across your doors too.

5. Embrace the blues

Create a calm and peaceful living space by embracing one of this year’s hottest trends – tonal layering. For Denim Drift, use different hues from the same colour family like Borrowed BlueWise Diamond and Cobalt Night. Don’t just stop at the walls though, make use of the ceiling and add accents across the top of your wall too.

Expert tip

When it comes to accessorising and furniture, introduce neutrals and natural woods, but choose accessories in the blues family to keep the restful mood.

6. Stripe action

Add subtle interest to a calming and clutter-free room with evenly-spaced striped feature wall in Denim Drift and Pocket Stone. For maximum zen, keep the room in soft whites and greys – and finish with lots of soft textiles and fluffy blankets.

Expert tip

Wide or narrow? Horizontal or vertical? Check out 8 Chic Schemes Using Stripes to find your stripe style.

See how the Colour of the Year 2017 will look in your space by ordering a Denim Drift colour tester with free delivery.

After more blue paint inspiration? Discover other trendy designs with our blue decorating ideas.

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