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Girls’ Bedroom Ideas & Colours

Find inspiration with our girls’ bedroom ideas. From pink and grey girls’ bedrooms to shades of purple, discover the perfect palette with our girls’ bedroom colours.


A dash of sugar and spice and all things nice for girls’ bedroom ideas.


There’s a space between the toddler and pre-teen years when you can truly create a bedroom for your little girl that rivals the stuff of dreams. From whimsical fairyland scenes to pink havens and bold rainbow colours, girls’ bedroom ideas are only limited to your imagination. The best thing is that when you design an enchanting space for her to play and dream in, her imagination will soar, now and into the future.

Here’s some magical inspiration for girls aged around four to eight.


Girls’ bedroom colours


Long gone are the days of only painting a girl’s room pink. However, there’s no doubt that the colour still reigns supreme for little princesses everywhere. If candyfloss hues are your child’s favourite right now, it’s easy to combine pink with a colour palette that’ll see her through the transient years to come. Here’s where your imagination comes in, along with simple techniques for dazzling results.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement, no matter which shades you choose. After all, now’s the time to do it before teenage fancies take preference - and you never know what they’ll be! Work with a rainbow of hues, cover the walls in fantastical shapes, add bright pops of contrasting colour and choose beautiful bespoke furnishings to compliment your chosen girls’ bedroom colours.


Pretty in pink


If you’re firmly in the pink phase in your household, there’s plenty you can do to add to the colour scheme and ensure it’s easily adaptable into the future. A pink and grey girls’ bedroom really is as pretty as a picture, with a soothing quality for quiet times. One idea that’ll last the distance is to paint the walls in soft greys or more neutral pink tones like Dusted Fondant, then fill the room with pink accessories. Get creative with geometric shapes on a wall with two or three colours, blending shades like Ballerina Dance and Urban Obsession.

As the primary colour, white brings a fresh appeal for walls and furniture. Highlight a white bed with a bright, lolly pink feature wall that’s easy to change when her favourite shade does. Do you have two little princesses in the same room? Get fancy with block colouring and split the room with a two-tone wall featuring pink and a bright, contrasting colour. Adding a vertical stripe of a third colour creates visual interest and loads of fun.


Purple fantasies


A girls’ purple bedroom in the perfect alternative to pink and adds a whimsical feel that’s straight from fairyland. Combining harmonious tonal colours makes this particular fairyland a serene one, with a few pops of complementary colour for contrast. Consider painting the walls in a soft, light shade like Amethyst Showers 3 or Amethyst Showers 5.

Use darker hues such as Midnight Iris 2 for trim, wall art or furniture. Speaking of which, one or two statement pieces of furniture are perfect for a splash of colour contrast. Try rich shades of gold or eye-catching teals. For a bold statement, consider bright red accessories or red and white chequered bedding and cushions. Of course, pink and purple are best friends, so you can’t go wrong with this combination.


Artistic wonders


Your walls provide the perfect canvas for girls’ bedroom ideas that bring fantasies to life. Most art shops offer a range of pre-cut stencils, it’s possible to have custom shapes designed or you can cut your own out of lining paper. All you need to do for vertical walls is use a spray-on, low tack stencil adhesive to keep it in place and paint from the outside in for best results.

Take the imagination up high with clouds and hot air balloons in beautiful complementary shades of purple, blue and pink. For a fun, abstract look, cover a feature wall in shapes with muted, dusky tones. You’ll achieve a pretty, delicate look with lace stencils, whether you choose a dramatic pattern for a focal point or borders around trim, windows or doors.


Personal touches


The best way to enhance girls’ bedroom colours within your design is with bespoke furnishings for a personal touch. What does she love to do, dream about or explore? If she loves books, create a reading hideaway in a corner with a teepee, comfy cushions and fairy lights. Is she crafty? Set up her own desk with drawers for glittery supplies, in the knowledge that it’ll also provide the perfect spot for homework when the time comes. Princesses will love sleeping in canopy beds and fairyland comes to life at night with themed lamps to coat the walls in magical light.


Put your imagination to the test


You don’t have to commit to buying tins of paint in every shade of pink until you’re certain about your girls’ bedroom ideas. Download the free Dulux Visualizer app, snap some photos of the room and let augmented reality show you what your colour choices look like. You can also pick up Dulux paint tester pots from the hardware store or order them online. Make use of the leftover paint from your trials for those pretty stencils on the walls.

Once your design is complete, you can look forward to sitting back and watching your little girl shine in her very own world of wonder.

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