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Four Ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Tranquil Dawn

Is your kitchen ready for a new colour? We show you four ways to update it with Tranquil Dawn, Colour of the Year 2020


In our search for meaning, we look to each other for answers and comfort, gathering friends and loved ones to hold onto valuable connections. This often takes place in the kitchen, the true heart of the home. Reflect your individuality in this space. The easiest way to refresh it is with paint, so take inspiration from one of our four palettes centred around Tranquil Dawn, the Colour of the Year 2020.

1. Enjoy a natural kitchen with warm grey

A light grey provides a soothing background to cook and catch-up with loved ones. It’s a versatile colour that breathes subtle warmth into a space when accentuated with hotter hues. Achieve this with coral accents in your light fittings and accessories.

Soften the industrial look of concrete tabletops with green cupboard paint using the light and airy Tranquil Dawn. Add vibrant plants for a fresh burst of energy and keep the atmosphere calm and collected with a casual spread of selected glass jars and vases for a laidback look.

Which colours?

Misty Mirror
Tranquil Dawn


2. Create a happy kitchen with bright colours


Make your kitchen the place to be with fun, bold colours. A feature wall in burnt orange is a background sure to spark energy and life into mealtimes. Use the split effect creatively and paint your shelving in the same pale pink as the top third of your wall, for a seamless transition between colours. Frame this with a vertical strip of Tranquil Dawn to balance the vibrancy and create a modern kitchen colour scheme. Coordinate your kitchenware to match the walls for a trendy pop art effect.

Which colours?

Tranquil Dawn
Rocket Fire
Ballerina Dance


3. Achieve calm with a minimalist kitchen in Tranquil Dawn


Combine similar tones for a peaceful flow. Paint the largest block of colour in a cool grey to complement the sky-green hue of Tranquil Dawn. Unify your shelving and storage and paint both in the same ashy charcoal in a smart matt finish. Get that sophisticated look with a carefully curated minimal kitchen. Decorate with selected essentials for a clean and simple look and add warmth with wooden textures. Need a little help pairing tones? Order a Dulux Colour Tester - it conveniently arrives through your letterbox and is an easy way to see which colours look best next to each other.

Which colours?

Tranquil Dawn
Storm Clearing
Cobalt Night


4. Express your culinary prowess in a creative kitchen


Paint is an easier and cost-efficient alternative to a backsplash and with EasyCare Kitchen its tough and washable finish means you can wipe off stains again and again, leaving the quality of colour that lasts longer. Choose rich olive-green kitchen walls to flavour the room – its earthy hue is a throwback to traditional times. Use it to frame a functional space for meal prep. Paint the rest of the wall in Tranquil Dawn to keep the space airy and uplifting. Enhance this rustic theme by adorning with pottery, woods and handcrafted glass jugs. Showcase your love of cooking or baking with spreads of your latest creations on inviting platters.

Which colours?

Tranquil Dawn
Burnished Brass


Don’t worry about keeping light colours clean in your kid’s room too, with EasyCare Tough and Washable. See how you can create the right mood in your child’s room with the Colour of the Year 2020 palettes.

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