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Instagram Kitchen Trends

When it comes to redecorating your home, Instagram has become the go-to for many as a source of inspiration. 

Scrolling through the never-ending supply of images, you’re likely to notice certain trends emerge, whether that’s specific features, colours, or overall styles. So what exactly are the biggest trends at the moment when it comes to kitchen décor?

We’ve taken a look at the most-used kitchen decoration hashtags on Instagram (#KitchensOfInstagram, #Kitchensofinsta, #KitchensofIG) to find the ‘most-liked’ images, and analysed the recurring features in these top posts to uncover the 5 biggest trends, from specific cupboard styles to bringing the outdoors in. We've also reviewed the 'most-liked' Instagram images to determine the most popular overall kitchen styles, from Scandi minimalism to coastal chic.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of transforming your kitchen, read on for the biggest Instagram kitchen trends to inspire your redecoration. 


The Top 5 Kitchen Features According to Instagram


Keeping your kitchen design fresh and modern doesn't have to mean regular overhauls. Small tweaks to specific features could give your kitchen a new lease of life. 


1. Shaker Kitchen Cupboards

Our research found that the biggest kitchen trend of the moment is Shaker kitchen cupboards. This design is synonymous with practicality and simplicity, with flat panel sides and square frames, and it's versatile enough to suit any style of home. 

Shaker Kitchen Cupboards

2. Wooden Floors

Hardwearing and high-quality, wooden kitchen floors are the most popular flooring design. Timeless and versatile, wooden flooring will complement any home. 

Wooden Floors

In 2020, we're moving away from light wood and into richer tones like mahogany and even grey. 


3. White Cupboards

White cupboards are the third most popular kitchen feature. White adds brightness to any space, and white cupboards can create the illusion of a bigger kitchen whilst adding a contemporary feel.

White Cupboards

The rise of white cupboards as a kitchen trend includes off-white paint colours and different finishes, including matt and high gloss. 


4. Houseplants and Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants have been a growing trend in home design, especially in the bedroom, but now we're bringing them into our kitchens too. So much so that they’re the fourth biggest kitchen trend on Instagram. Adding a touch of nature can brighten your room, adding life and colour. 

Houseplants and flowers

This trend is seeing plants used as more of a focal point than a background accessory, so big, bold and unique plants are the ones to go for.


5. Kitchen Islands

In fifth place is the ultra-functional kitchen island. Whether you use it as an informal dining spot or a place for your guests to sit and relax while you cook up a storm, a kitchen island is a great way to enhance the overall design of your kitchen, while adding extra storage too.  

Kitchen Islands

To give your kitchen island the 2020 seal of approval, think dark cabinets in rich shades of black and green and worktops finishes in marble or wood.


These are the most popular kitchen features on Instagram, but what are the most popular kitchen design styles?


The Most Popular Kitchen Design Styles According to Instagram


We’ve looked at the most-liked kitchen images on Instagram and analysed them to see which styles they represent. For each, we’ve also provided tips on how you can recreate the looks for yourself.


1. Grey and White Country-Style Kitchen

This Instagram favourite puts a modern twist on country kitchen living. The grey and white kitchen cabinets create a contemporary look but paired alongside the rustic wooden furniture and accessories it effortlessly brings the country feel to life. 

Grey and White Country-Style Kitchen

Source: @wallflower_cottage

How to recreate the look

Creative Director at Dulux, Marianne Shillingford, has some knowledgeable advice for successful decorating. "Paint your walls in a soft grey tone, like Rock Salt or Pearl Grey, then add white or grey cabinets. A darker colour on the floor paired with a lighter colour on walls and cabinets will make your space feel brighter and bigger, which is particularly important if you have a small kitchen."


2. Sleek Marble Shaker Kitchen 

The second most-liked post showcases that a high-end finish can be achieved with close attention to detail. With subtle gold, black and marble touches, it expertly creates a luxury spin on a white kitchen.  

Sleek Marble Shaker Kitchen

Source: @kitchens_of_insta image by @rockwelldevelopers

How to recreate the look:

Complement your white paint with an elegant mix of textures, including glossy tiles and a marble worktop. You can refresh existing tiles with a tile paint for long-lasting glossy coverage. 


3. Black and White Modern Kitchen Design 

A monochrome kitchen will never go out of fashion, and it’s the third most popular style on Instagram. In this kitchen, bold black tones are kept minimal – on worksurfaces and doorframes – to balance the crisp white kitchen units. 

Black and white modern kitchen design

Source: @lindsay_hill_interiors

How to recreate the look: 

Keep your black and white kitchen fresh by paying attention to accessories. Think plants, books and decorative tins. Not only can this inject character into your space, but it can also be a simple way to bring subtle accents of colour into the monochrome aesthetic. 


4. Minimalist Scandi-Style Kitchen 

It’s no surprise to see a Scandi-style kitchen taking one of the top spots. The rustic features, from the oak beams to wooden bar stools, paired with crisp white paint, offer an inviting, contemporary design. 

Minimalist Scandi-Style Kitchen

Source: @kitchens_of_insta image by @stofferphotographyinteriors

How to recreate the look:

Give the illusion of a brighter, more spacious kitchen by playing with light. Enhance natural light as much as possible, or try pendant lighting over your kitchen island to warm up your décor.


5. Laid-Back Coastal Chic Kitchen

Calming tones of white and grey make up this picture-perfect, coastal-inspired kitchen. The neutral tones paired with rustic oak add depth and warmth to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Laid-Back Coastal Chic Kitchen

Source: @coastalinteriors

How to recreate the look:

Keep your colour tones understated and neutral. Consider off-white paint for a warmer feel that will transport you straight to the coast. If adding wooden panelling is too much hassle, try wall paint techniques to create the illusion of panels and to add substance on a budget.  


6. Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen 

Bold and beautiful, a dark blue kitchen is rich in colour and sophistication. Right on-trend, this Instagram favourite blends dark blue with light oak and subtle hints of gold to enhance the elegance.

Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen

Source: @homeonanashvillehill image by @ryangarvin

How to recreate the look:

Choosing the right dark paint can be tricky. Our expert, Marianne says that "with such daring shades of colour, carefully select your paint finish so that the overall look isn’t overwhelming. Eggshell paint is a low-sheen finish that’s ideal to hide away imperfections whilst still serving that classic stylish look to your woodwork.”


7. Cosy White and Grey Kitchen

A simple and stylish alternative to an all-white kitchen. Light grey textures complement the contemporary feel, and the darker coloured accessories accentuate the Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. 

Cosy White and Grey Kitchen

Source: @bear_creek_farmhouse

How to recreate the look:

Adding complementary tones to your white kitchen will keep your space looking and feeling modern. Introduce different textures, like gloss or marble, to enhance the premium style and make your kitchen feel more open. 


8. Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen scheme balances traditional features with modern simplicity. The addition of extra materials, such as wood and copper, adds character and warmth to complement the country living. 

Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Source: @sanctuaryhomedecor

How to recreate the look:

For a farmhouse look, replace the handles on your cabinets and cupboards with rustic alternatives. Add copper accessories for a contemporary twist.


9. Blue and White Kitchen 

Another blue kitchen makes the top 10 list, and this one contrasts blue cabinetry with sleek white worktops and white painted walls. As a colour often associated with natural open space, the blue paint creates the illusion of depth in this narrow kitchen. 

Blue and White Kitchen

Source: @ohara_interiors image by @ohara_interiors

How to recreate the look:

Colour is an essential part of design, and Marianne stands by that you shouldn't be afraid to maximise on colour even in a small kitchen. "Bold tones will keep your room modern, just make sure to balance the dominant colour with a soothing neutral paint."


10. Simple White and Green Kitchen 

This classic white kitchen infused with muted green tones creates a look reminiscent of nature. The soft pastel paints paired with the brighter accessories, like the metallic light shades and pretty plants, keep the space feeling contemporary and refreshing. 

Simple White and Green Kitchen

Source: @ohara_interiors

How to recreate the look:

If you're worried that your muted white and green colour scheme could look cold, Marianne recommends that you should add richer, darker details where possible. "Try a wooden floor or rugs, or paint your chairs a darker colour to bring in more depth to your kitchen." 


From entire design schemes to small kitchen features, we hope these Insta-approved kitchen design ideas have inspired you. Before you get to work revamping your kitchen, find out why Dulux woodwork paint is the easiest way to transform the interior woodwork in your kitchen, and discover our expert advice on how to paint your kitchen cupboards to ensure your redesign is a total success. 

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