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Colour-blocking to create a charismatic home

A couple from Enfield had to get their building work redone when the design of their extension didn’t go exactly to plan. Fortunately, Stacey was on hand in the first episode of Renovation Rescue to show them how to tackle jobs themselves without forking out more money while showing them to how achieve the colour-blocking technique with Sumptuous Plum 3Emerald GladeWillow Tree and California Days.

The challenge

In the first episode of Renovation Rescue, in which Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 Ambassador Stacey Solomon helps people in the middle of half-finished refurbs, she met a couple whose dreams of a modern Japandi-inspired home turned into a nightmare when an extension on their 1980s bungalow went horribly wrong.

By building an extension on their home in Enfield, they wanted to create an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area with a colourful bedroom that recreated the seamless flow and understated design of the Japandi aesthetic – a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences (and a top trend!). Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go to plan and the couple had to get the building work redone, resulting in them being thousands of pounds out of pocket. 


The colours

Luckily, Stacey was on-hand to show them how to tackle jobs themselves to save them forking out even more money, from plumbing to flooring and decking, not to mention a simple but effective colour-blocking technique in their bedroom using Sumptuous Plum 3, Emerald Glade, Willow Tree and California Days.

Colour blocking explained

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, explains: “Colour-blocking brings a dynamic dimension to interior design. It allows homeowners to infuse personality and vibrancy into their spaces while creating visual interest and balance.” She adds: “Dulux is proud to support Stacey in her mission to help homeowners turn their renovation dreams into reality. It’s all about empowering people to take control of their living spaces and find joy in the process of transformation. With a wide range of high-quality paints and expert advice, Dulux is committed to helping homeowners bring their vision to life.”


The technique

Follow these top tips from Marianne to achieve the colour-blocking look. 

  1. Transform your space into a serene haven of creativity by playing with gentle hues and captivating geometric designs.
  2. Create a dynamic oasis with large colour-blocking segments on a captivating feature wall. This style not only complements furniture and accessories but shines as a standout feature on its own.
  3. Shift your gaze beyond the walls and explore the potential for artistic colour-blocking in unexpected places, such as window recesses, to transform mundane features into stunning artwork.
  4. It may seem surprising, but a meticulously crafted colour-blocked room has the power to guide you effortlessly into a state of tranquillity and concentration. The magic lies in the juxtaposition of tones and shades within the same colour family, each layer adding depth and dimension to the space.
  5. Exploring shapes, varying widths and angles in colour-blocking adds layers of depth and visual intrigue to your space. An interplay of colours and forms transforms your environment into a captivating tapestry of texture and visual delight.

Watch Stacey on Renovation Rescue every Wednesday night on Channel 4.

Check back here every week for a summary of each episode that has aired along with details on more techniques and colours. We’ll be telling you how you can get each look with pictures and more to inspire your own renovations.

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