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Three front-door makeovers that make an entrance

Give your front door wow-factor with seasonal makeovers that take their cue from bright bursts of springtime colour


Achieve bold and beautiful stand-out


With daylight lasting longer and gardens alive with floral accents, there’s no better excuse for bold colour choices than the changing season. Update your front door with a bright colour and striking trim combination for stand-out on your street.

Teal Voyage has a hint of green that complements a budding front garden of lush hedges. Its vibrant blue hue will brighten up your doorway for an entrance that’s sure to keep you smiling on your way in throughout the year. Use our MixLab service to get this colour in Weathershield Quick Dry Satin for a stylish mid-sheen finish that will protect your front door for up to 10 years.

Frame your door in sophisticated Black in Weathershield All Weather Masonry. It comes equipped with a Stay Clean technology in the paint film that shields exterior surfaces from dirt and mould, meaning long-lasting colour and protection for up to 15 years.

Which colours?

Available via MixLab
Teal Voyage


Create a unique front-of-house


Distinguish your entrance from your neighbour’s by using distinct tones with personality. With neutral masonry in a versatile colour like Concrete Grey, you have a great canvas for unique colours that will create a striking focal point.

Be inspired by spring and wash your front door in warm, sunny shades. Honey Mustard is a rich colour that exudes positivity.

Paint the trim in Pure Brilliant White for a bright and crisp frame.

Which colours?

Available via MixLab
Honey Mustard 

Pure Brilliant White 
Concrete Grey

Make a great first impression


Spring is a popular time to put your house up for sale, with more people looking for a fresh start and a new beginning. If you’re looking to boost your kerb appeal or simply wanting to leave guests in awe, make a great first impression with a bright door that’ll bring your front garden to life.

Vast Lake has a soft and airy charm. Its bright and breezy tone makes for an open and welcoming façade. Light violet flowers will bounce off Vast Lake beautifully in the foreground.

This dusty blue is available in Weathershield Multisurface Quick Dry Satin, perfect for uPVC, wood and metal trim with a sleek mid-sheen finish to really make your mark.

Which Colours?

Vast Lake 

Feeling inspired? Watch how you can re-create one of our front-door makeovers here.

You’ll need:

  • Masking tape

  • Sandpaper

  • 2x paint brushes

  • Undercoat

  • Paint

Then, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare your door by covering areas that don’t need painting with masking tape and lightly sanding down for a smooth surface.

  2. Brush away any dust or dirt to avoid your paintwork being ruined.

  3. Apply Weathershield Quick Dry Undercoat and leave to dry.

  4. Paint two coats in your choice of Weathershield Quick Dry Gloss or Weathershield Multisurface Quick Dry Satin exterior paint, then leave to dry.

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