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Micro Makeover: Create a fun painted headboard in an hour

Looking for cheerful bedroom decorating ideas? Give your space a high-impact style refresh with a painted headboard. This simple but effective design will quickly bring colour and personality to a featureless bedroom wall. Find out how you can recreate it yourself with our easy step-by-step guide.

We all know that paint colour can completely transform a room, but if you’re short on time, you can still achieve a stylish new focal point for a boring bedroom with a DIY painted headboard – the perfect project for beginners. We created a playful asymmetric version using Simply Refresh paint in Golden Sands. but you could frame your painted headboard centrally around your bed. And with Simply Refresh’s one-coat formula, this fun paint project will transform your sleep space in one hour.

You don’t need much paint, so it’s a great way to use up any leftovers. Or, you could just grab yourself one of our Dulux Colour Testers. Don’t forget to share your beautiful bedroom creations with #feelgoodcolour 

Step 1: Measure up

Firstly, decide where you want your headboard to be painted onto the wall. With your measuring tape and pencil, mark the edges and the top line at regular intervals across the wall.

Step 2: Chalk your lines

Cover a length of string with chalk, by running the string along the side of the chalk. Stretch the string across the wall, connecting the points you’ve marked up in pencil. Secure the ends of the string with masking tape. Check the string is straight, then ping the string to leave a chalk line across the wall. Repeat for the sides of your headboard. 

Step 3: Mask it

Apply strips of masking tape just outside your lines of chalk to create your headboard shape. 

Step 4: Apply your Simply Refresh paint

Using a small roller and tray, roll paint to fill the shape of your headboard, being careful not to roll over the outer edges of the masking tape.

Step 5: Peel and Reveal

With Simply Refresh, one coat is all you’ll need. While the paint is still wet, peel off the masking tape to reveal your headboard design.

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