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Dr Dulux: Painting Interior Brickwork Walls

Not sure what colour to choose for your interior brickwork? Follow the
doctor's orders…

Q: My home has a painted brick wall in the kitchen which, up until now, has always been painted white. I want a change, but I’m not sure what colour would look good on brickwork. What do you think, Dr Dulux? Olivia, Somerset.

A: Hi, Olivia.

A brickwork wall in a kitchen can become a great feature, especially as it brings a textural element to the space. Just make sure your brickwork is the type that can be painted first - common, fletton and engineering bricks can't be painted because they aren't porous enough. Looking at our kitchen range, a firm favourite for me right now – and a colour that is trending at the moment – is Honey Mustard. This has a fresh quality and can brighten up the space.

An alternative option would be to take the grey route. Chic Shadow is a beautiful warm grey; it has a lot of body behind it and really complements chrome kitchen utensils whilst adding warmth to the space. Or, for a lighter tone, the colour in the kitchen pictured above is Jurassic Stone.

You could always go on our website and order some tester pots of these colours and trial them on one or two bricks. You never know – you might like the odd pop of colour instead. Ready to get started? Here's your kit list:

Shopping list:

  • Stiff bristle brush (for cleaning) easy to find in your local DIY store
  • [2” Synthetic brush (for wall edges and corners)]
  • (/en/products/perfect-edges-angled-brush)
  • [Medium-pile roller](/en/products/perfect-cover-medium-pile-roller)
  • [Dulux Emulsion](/en/products)

Step by Step:

  1. Use the stiff bristle brush to remove any cobwebs/ dirt from brick wall
  2. Depending on the walls condition you may need to clean the wall with a light detergent and leave the wall to completely dry.
  3. First coat of chosen Dulux emulsion needs to be thinned by 20% with water (so that's one part water and five parts paint).
  4. Then add a following two coats of the same colour, allowing each layer to dry in between.
  5. Recommended song choice for painting this brick wall has to be Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall!

Need help choosing a colour scheme? Read Dr Dulux's advice on how to choose a paint palette, or watch our How To Choose Your Colour Scheme video.

Need more help to recreate the look or trend in your own home? Contact our Dulux Design Service to find your nearest Dulux designer on 0333 222 7021 or visit www.duluxdesignservice.co.uk


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