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Big Life Moment

Add balance to your new nursery with pops of colour against a tranquil backdrop


Bringing a new baby home means big changes, and nobody knows this better than Jemma and James, parents of two-year-old Fred and latest arrival Wilbur (above). For this issue, we helped the London-based couple reinvent an unloved room “usually used as a bit of a dumping ground” – just in time to welcome Wilbur.

With a few tips from us, Jemma and James turned their guestroom – previously painted in a neutral beige palette – into a bright and inviting nursery for their beautiful new baby. “We wanted to find a way to marry practicality and playfulness,” they explain.


We used Nordic Sky to create a cool, calm backdrop, adding vibrant splashes of yellow and red through small accents and accessories. Combining little bursts of colour with mid-tones strikes the right balance, allowing a child to feel energetic in the day, but calm – and ready for bedtime – at night!


“Story time with Fred and Wilbur is my favourite part of the day,” says Jemma. To make it feel extra special, we carved out a dedicated space for reading, using Rock Salt to zone the corner. Dividing a room helps define areas for different activities and maintain routines for children. 

“We were so pleased when the room was revealed,” James says. “Wilbur had a big smile on his face!”

Why not try combining two colours in your nursery to make a fun but functional space? 

3 more ideas to try

1. Sweet Dreams


Paint the wall in a soothing tone such as Polished Pebble to create a comforting zone for the cot and encourage deep sleeps. Fix shelves above, with one of the edges highlighted in something light and bright like Vanilla Sundae, to add playful definition and draw the eye to cute keepsakes, such as favourite toys, drawings and knick-knacks. 

2. All Grown Up


Create a timeless space with classic Willow Tree. This calming and neutral shade will grow with your child, maintaining a bright and open room for you to spend time in together as the years roll by. 

3. Child's Play


Splash the walls with plenty of energy, using vibrant Banana Split. Once your little ones are ready to run around and play, give them a bright backdrop to encourage that fizzing imagination. The lively colour is great for nurturing creativity at playtime, while a few patterned cushions make for fun flourishes. 


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