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Grey skies and rainy days are our typical backdrop here in the UK. If we can’t enjoy the sunshine while we’re outdoors, it’s down to us to take matters into our own hands, pick up that paint brush, and bring bright sun beams into our homes. Which is exactly what Tabara N’Diaye did in her bedroom. 

Wake up happy with colourful bedrooms

Our bedrooms are such an important place in our homes. They’re where we want to feel happy going to sleep and wake up feeling positive. Which means finding bedroom décor ideas that create the right atmosphere is a top priority for many of us, including Tabara.  

“We moved home last December, just before going into lockdown. All the homeware shops were closed and we couldn’t buy new furniture” she says.  

“It became a priority for me to make my house a home. Our bedroom was the first room I wanted to decorate – making it feel cosy, warm and colourful was important.”

Yellows are the ideal colour for adding both warmth and bright pops of colour, as naturally, yellows give us those sunshine vibes. It’s also a colour that really speaks to your personality, injecting feelings of happiness, positivity and energy. 

Tabara explains her bedroom idea, saying: “As it was spring, I wanted to paint something that represented sunshine and I loved the idea of creating an arch in a yellowy shade. Now my painted headboard is a standout feature of the house. We have so many grey days that it’s lovely to have that little piece of sunshine all year round.”

Love the idea of a feature painted headboard in your bedroom? Here’s how to get the look…

Bedroom décor ideas: Arch like an expert

A painted arch is a really simple yet creative way to add a pop of colour, create a clear zoned area, or create a statement focal point in a room – like the head of your bed! 

You’re probably thinking that painting that perfect arch line is nigh impossible, right? Well, we have good news: with our expert guidance, we can make achieving this stunning statement design super simple.

Step 1: Cut a long length of string and attach keys to one end. 

Step 2: Using masking tape, stick the string to the wall at the right height for the side of your arch. Cover the string with chalk and ping against the wall to make a chalk-line guide. Mask along this line with tape.

Step 3: Decide on the width of your arch and, using a spirit level, make a mark for the top of the other side at the same height. Repeat the process above.

Step 4: Measure the gap between the two sides and mark the mid-point.

Step 5: Attach a pencil to the end of a length of string. Pin the string at the mid-point between the two sides so that the pencil reaches the top of both side lines. 

Step 6: Draw a semi-circle to form the top of your arch, then carefully paint the outline using a paintbrush. 

Step 7: Fill in the rest of the arch using a roller. Gently remove the masking tape while the paint is still slightly wet.

Get the look in one lick of paint

The beauty of a statement arch is that the project requires little time and paint, yet has a big impact in the room. To create her beautiful yellow snippet of sun, Tabara used Golden Sands in Simply Refresh. 

If you’re yet to discover the Simply Refresh range, we’re about to change the way you decorate! Suddenly, your colourful bedrooms can be completed in no time at all, because all you need is one coat for incredible coverage. That means no time wasted waiting for paint to dry, and no second coat needed. With modern classic shades that will revitalise your room to splashy, on-trend hues for features like your statement arch, one lick of Simply Refresh paint will breathe life to your bedroom. 

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