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7 schemes to put the sizzle back into bedroom walls

A fun and flirty bedroom doesn’t have to mean florals and frills. Try our romantic colour ideas to put the thrill back into your walls.

“Our bedroom walls are dull and need a refresh. Can you suggest some colour ideas to help spice things up a little?”

Bored in the bedroom? You’re not alone. According to AkzoNobel research more than 60% of decorators feel uninspired by their current bedroom colour scheme. But it doesn’t have to stay this way!

Our Dulux colour experts have put together some romantic colour ideas to put the WOW back into bedroom walls.


1. Soft red with neutrals

Attention-grabbing red conveys passion and emotion, but overusing it on your bedroom walls can over-stimulate the senses. Softer reds or pink, which contain hints of earthy brown or berry shades, are much easier on the eye, and tend to look more sophisticated. Whatever shade you choose, even just a touch of red will stand out, so use in moderation as an accent colour and pair with creamy whites to neutralise the intensity.


Which paints?

Amber Queen 3
Quilted Calico 4


2. Metallics

For a romantic bedroom with a modern twist, consider painting your walls in rich copper or a dusky shade of gold. Coppery shades that contain cheerful orange or earthy tones are a great way to add warmth to dark spaces, while shimmery gold can be an easy-to-live-with shade that combines well with other colours. For a sophisticated finish to your scheme, go for lamps lit with low-watt bulbs for a soft and gentle glow.


Which paints?

Cherished Gold
Copper Blush


3. Grey and blush pink

Pairing blush pink with steely grey is a clever way to add a touch of prettiness to your bedroom without appearing too saccharine. Contrast dark, pewter grey with chalky pink for a grown-up look, or combine a pale grey shades with a brighter, punchier pink for a fun, urban feel.


Which paints?

Silken Sunrise 2
Natural Taupe 1
Adobe Pink 5


4. Blue and ochre yellow

Soft, dreamy blues are a popular choice for bedrooms and for good reason: these soothing, optimistic shades have been proven to aid sleep, encourage relaxation and lower blood pressure. For an original and more elegant take on this classic scheme, turn it down a notch and pair a darker shade of blue with ochre yellow. A lot of people are afraid to experiment with darker hues, but they can be immensely rewarding. And the privacy of your own bedroom is the perfect room to try something new.


Which paints?

Cherished Gold
Teal Tension


5. Lilac and grey

One of the easiest ways to create romance in your bedroom is to blend a palette of soft, delicate colours for a look that’s supremely subtle and well balanced. Whispery grey is a good place to start as a backdrop, with accents lilac or lavender shades for a fresh, modern bedroom that’s timeless and appealing. Accessorise with light-reflecting mirrors to enhance the ethereal feel of the scheme.


Which paints?

Potters Clay 1
Potters Clay 3
Night Jewels 5


6. Pale and interesting

Don’t dismiss neutrals when it comes to creating a soft and dreamy bedroom scheme! A palette of pale shades that contain warm earthy tones is a sophisticated way to create a romantic look. Keep it modern by layering different shades, and offset with crisp, white ceiling to complete the desired effect.


Which paints?

Chalky Downs 4
Rich Praline 4
Jewelled Creek 3


7. A palette of purples

Emulate the luxury of a boutique-style hotel with a palette of rich purples. Sumptuous and brooding, purple can be difficult to handle, but with the right combination of complementary colours it can feel incredibly cosy. Team plum and mulberry shades with lighter shades, such as mauve, and keep furnishings neutral to avoid overpowering the look.

Which paints?

Mulberry Burst
Redcurrant Glory

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Top tip

To enhance the feeling of intimacy in your bedroom, the key is to choose colours from the warmer end of the colour spectrum. Warm hues tend to draw walls closer together and will help you to create a cosy, inviting feeling – perfect for snuggling-up to your significant other.

Still not sure what colours to go for? Download the Dulux Visualizer app app to get an instant impression of how your room could look once it’s finished.

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