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small kitchen before and after

Ask Dr Dulux - How do I open up a small kitchen?

Colour is key for brightening up compact rooms and creating the illusion of space

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be massive to make it a place you want to spend time in – a few clever tricks with colour and it can become the hub of any home. Here, we’ve opened up a small, dark kitchen using bright White Cotton as the backdrop, while the units have been given a new lease of life in light Polished Pebble.

kitchen storage units

To add more storage, we mounted a series of simple square boxes on the far wall, then painted accent bands of colour inside with Mineral Mist and Peppermint Candy to really make them pop. Finally, we refreshed the stools using Urban Obsession and Mineral Mist, making the old new again for the ultimate in upcycled chic.

Takeaway tip

If you’re tight for space, use clever solutions like a fold-down table and stackable stools.

Expert Know-how

“Embrace the space you have and display colourful dishes on shelves and worktops – they’ll be on show and close to hand.” 

Marianne Shillingford 

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