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Colour Lookbook: Timeless Trends from the Past 90 Years - Discover Your Retro Decoration Inspiration with Dulux

If you’re seeking a little inspiration for your home, don’t just follow the crowd for today’s in-demand styles.

Instead, we invite you to take a look further back and discover the iconic, timeless trends of the past 90 years. Here at Dulux, we’re proud to have been there through it all, and still see these beloved trends coming back into fashion, time and time again.

If you’re looking for an exciting insight into this vibrant history, be sure to grab your copy of our limited-edition Anniversary Book - packed full of vintage colour and interior design inspiration, from retro room décor to feature walls.

Read on for a glimpse inside, and discover the trends of the past 90 years that are still going strong.

The 1930s and the pastel green boom

It’s not surprising that the modernist styles of the 1930s still survive today. It was the decade that gave us Art Deco - sleek, subtly luxurious, yet captivatingly understated. It was also the decade that Dulux was proudly introduced to the world!

If you’re looking to add a splash of 1930s retro room décor to your home, think simple. Pastel, gentle tones, and clean geometric lines are the order of the day.

Most importantly, think green. Pastel greens dominated the 1930s, and are enjoying a revival today with colours such as Willow TreeMossy Stone and Jade White  adding a calming, nature-inspired influence.

Post-war 1940s and the power of pink

As WWII drew to a close, the colour trends of the 1940s were cautiously optimistic and gently upbeat - with refreshing, flowery pink taking centre stage. People were tired of the dull colours of wartime and wanted something warmer.

In today’s chaotic modern world, it’s no surprise that pastel pinks such as Pressed Petal enjoying a renaissance in our homes. These soft, sugary shades signify comforting, calming atmospheres for those looking to escape the madness of our mobile phones and harken back to a simpler time.

The 1960s and beautiful colour blocking

The swinging 60s are fondly remembered as a care-free, say-and-do-anything decade - perfect for a vibrant explosion of colour. In fashion magazines, on the street and in our homes, bold colour blocking was everywhere, and we still can’t get enough of it today.

While iconic designers like Yves Saint Laurent and artists like Mondrian began to introduce chunky, eye-catching blocks of colour into their works, people wanted to see the same at home. Today, we see this reflected in trends like feature walls and statement walls, which have become so strongly established that it’s almost impossible to imagine a contemporary design without them.

The revolutionary 1980s and wood wall panelling

Love it or hate it, wood wall panelling is making a major comeback - and here at Dulux, we can’t get enough of those classic 80s vibes.

The 80s were a decade of strange change - while our homes were taking on a gentler, more neutral tone. Along with beautiful wood (or indeed, faux wood) everywhere, home owners and designers were introducing softer, warmer colours, paired with plain brilliant white or gentle eggshell.

Today, many homes take inspiration from this quiet revolution for their retro interior design, introducing textured wood and raw natural materials, as well as sophisticated, soft-toned colours such as stone, greige and taupe.

The tech-crazed 90s and special effects

The 90s was a decade obsessed with quirky, novel and exciting new ideas. The feature wall became a must-have, along with special effect paints and themed rooms.

Add 90s inspired flair to your home, and try your hand at stippling, stencilling or sponging, and don’t be afraid to take a more vibrant, exotic approach.

Last but not least, we can’t mention the 90s without mentioning purple! Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is a true champion of the colour that can be decadent and indulgent (think Cadburys) while also being a pretty part of the natural world (think grape, hyacinths or delphiniums). It’s a colour that’s for the light-hearted and brave, and who doesn’t want to live like that?

Take home your retro inspiration today 

If all this retro interior design has inspired you, just wait until you get your hands on all 200 pages of gorgeous colour. The limited-edition Anniversary Book is available now, and makes a great addition to any coffee table - or as a gift for any occasion.


You can also read more about our colourful Dulux history and our long-standing involvement in home décor, right here.


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