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Which Decorating Era Are You?

Which decade best reflects your interior style? Complete our quiz and find out!

Have you ever heard someone say that they were born in the wrong era? Is that someone you? If so, you may be wondering which decade your home is best suited to. Answer the following questions and you'll soon find out…

1. What is your ideal colour scheme?

A. Cobalt blue, emerald green and light pearl grey. So luxurious.

B. Vibrant yellow, electric blue and pink. For you, it’s all about contrast.

C. White or cream with flashes of saffron-edged orange. Groovy.

D. Mustard yellow, espresso brown and olive green. Earthy elegance.

E. Pastel shades such as powder pink, baby blue, and lemon yellow. A Miami sunrise!


2. Which one of the following items can’t you live without?

A. A mirrored cocktail cabinet – some sparkle in your abode is a must, darling.

B. Tulip sundae glasses – these vintage finds are ideal for entertaining guests.

C. Egg-shaped pod chair – Eero Aarnio’s famous design is your ultimate cocoon.

D. Shaggy pile rug – how else are you meant to keep your tootsies toasty?

E. Glass top table – for your cappuccinos and cocktails, naturally.


3. If you were a pattern, you'd be…

A. An Art Deco sunbeam - preferably in a glamorous metallic shade.

B. A mid century modern abstract print - think Lucienne Day's light-hearted textile prints.

C. A modish, tessellating repeat - bold, fun and funky.

D. Swirly, lava-lamp inspired organic shapes - the bigger, the better.

E. Geometric shapes and zig-zags - anything slightly off-beat. You’re loving the return of the Memphis Milan print.


4. Which film would you love to star in?

A. The Great Gatsby. Swirling staircases, opulent filigree ceilings and marquetry floors all make for a decadent visual feast. Oh and, Leo's your co-star.

B. Grease. American diners. Drive-Ins. Hot dogs and shakes. Pastel pinks and rock 'n’ roll black leather. You want a vintage jukebox, and you want it now.

C. Austin Powers. Because: Flower power, MOD furniture, and Dr Evil’s intimidating Ox Chair (an iconic classic created by Danish designer Wegner, FYI).

D. American Hustle. You love comparing Sydney’s chic, timeless New York apartment with Rosalyn’s ostentatious Long Island abode.

E. Back to the Future. Every day you dream of what it’d be like to have a hoverboard in your garage. It’s 2015, they should be available by now…


5. Ultimate travel destination?

A. New York, so you can visit vintage store Shareen and pick up a fancy flapper dress.

B. New Orleans. The birthplace of jazz and the Mardi Gras. You can think of nothing better than immersing yourself in the old-world glamour and rhythm of the French Quarter. Iconic wrought-iron white balconies included, of course.

C. London – home of endless retro markets (here's looking at you, Portobello), and the birthplace of the mini skirt. And, of course, the colour and bustle of Carnaby Street and Soho. So much history. So much shopping.

D. Morocco, so you can get all your boho-inspired possessions at places like Ministero del Gusto

E. Milan, to get your favourite furniture piece from the Memphis Milano collection – perhaps the room divider in plastic laminate?


Mostly As = 1920s


It’s official, you’re an Art Deco addict. You're working the '20s.

You’d love: To make a statement, why not add an accent wall in a gold and black Art Deco wallpaper and pair with Oliver Bonas’ Deco style velvet tub chairs? Add further pizzazz to your ceiling with a chandelier like this opulent number from [Marks & Spencer] (http://www.marksandspencer.com/gem-ball-medium-pendant/p/p22320831). Jazz hands at the ready…

Dulux colour: Dutch Gold

Mostly Bs = 1950s


Modernism is your thing. Welcome back to the subtly glamorous '50s.

You’d love: First showcased by Jens Risom in 1957, the iconic C275 chair has made a comeback, and is available in oak or walnut from Benchmark Furniture. This comfortable leather seat can be purchased in various colours, but just look at that tangerine shade. For your kitchen or dining room, take a pinch of inspiration from American diners with Divertimenti's Sundae Tulip Glass.

Your Dulux colour: Sweet Pink

Mostly Cs = 1960s


You belong in the swinging '60s, baby. Pop Art calls.

You’d love: Channel the playfulness of this era with a solid fibreglass shell, egg-shaped pod chair. (Bonus: it swivels). Pair this with a modern take on '60s retro shapes with Made.com's Hooper side table in walnut, perfect for storing your latest magazines.

Your Dulux colour: Juicy Red

Mostly Ds = 1970s


The bohemian dream. Your spirit era is the '70s.

You’d love: A vibrant ottoman from the notoriously boho Anthropologie is super cosy. For a totally relaxed hippy vibe, kick back with this fringed hammock. For a finishing touch, dot hanging green plants around your living space (bonus points for spider plants and cheese plants - a 1970's staple).

Dulux colour: Orange Fizz

Mostly Es = 1980s


We've got love for you – you belong in the '80s.

You’d love: A homage to the legendary Ziggy Stardust, Habitat's Bowie Red Zigzag Candelabra is a must, as is a colour-popping patterened wool rug. Pepper abstract 80s vibes across walls with obscure Beale Amoeba prints from Made.com.

Dulux Colour: Striking Cyan

As, Bs, Cs, Ds & Es

A mixture of all the above? Then you’re bang on trend! Today is all about mixing past trends and blending the old with the new. Well done, you were born in exactly the right era.

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