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The weekend project: style up your dining space in two days

Transform your dining space with our two-day turnaround – from dull and drab to pretty in pink with a gorgeous, on-trend painted ceiling


Think pink

When it comes to entertaining, atmosphere is important, so it helps to have a stylish dining space. Zoning with colour to highlight your "area of expertise" is the easiest way to create a focal point – and you can achieve the look in just a single weekend. one weekend. All you need to do is paint a block of colour on the wall directly behind your table, then continue along the ceiling until you cover the area above it. A dusky pink like Pressed Petal is a shade that’s as timeless as it is on-trend; while pairing it with a calming neutral such as Nutmeg White will really make it pop.


Go kitsch


Maximalism is a huge design trend for 2019, where we all have the opportunity to showcase our more eclectic tastes by playing with bold accessories, graphic prints, mixed textures and metallic accents. To make your newly painted wall and ceiling even more of a focal point, complement your soft colour palette with 70s-inspired touches like a pair of retro gold starburst mirrors and a statement shell chandelier.


Top table


Now it's time to dress the table. To balance your statement wall, keep things simple with a carefully curated selection of understated crockery. Complement your own DIY with naturalistic earthenware and ceramics in neutral tones – with bonus points available if you find some in a similar hue to your new wall.


Green room


Breathe life into your dining space with plenty of fresh greenery. Add interest by displaying pot plants at different levels – a couple on the floor and a pair on a raised stool. Finally, contrast earthy stoneware with soft textures in a faux-fur rug, sure to keep toes warm as evenings draw in.


Which colours?

Pressed Petal
Nutmeg White


Ready to entertain in style? Here’s how you can get this luxurious look in just two days:


You’ll need:

  • Wet sponge

  • Roller & tray

  • Dust sheet

  • Masking tape

  • Step ladder

  • String

  • Coloured chalk


Your weekend method


Step one: Saturday morning

Clean your walls using a wet sponge to avoid dirt or dust ruining your paintwork.


Step two: Saturday afternoon

Lay down your dust sheet to protect your flooring. Using a roller, paint your walls in Nutmeg White, making ‘w’ shapes for the best and quickest coverage. Leave to dry.


Step three: Sunday morning

Measure and mark out the space behind your table using a step ladder to reach the ceiling. Rub chalk along a length of string. Stretch the string across the wall and ceiling then secure it with masking tape at each end. Check the string is straight, then ping it to leave a chalk line across the wall. Remove the string and mask tape along your perfectly straight lines.


Step four: Sunday afternoon

Again, lay down your dust sheet to protect your flooring – particularly the section beneath the ceiling area you’re painting. Fill the marked space with Pressed Petal, leave to dry then apply a second coat. While the paint is still slightly wet, peel away the masking tape to reveal crisp edges.

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