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Colour Lookbook - Choose warm hues for a cosy living space

The living room is the heart of the home, so making sure it serves as a welcoming space is essential. A priority of the room is to be comfortable, and we have a selection of cosy living room ideas to transform your lounge into a warm space.

Adding warm colours can create a sense of sophistication and elegance and help accentuate your space and furnishings to feel homely and snug. Discover a range of warm colours at Dulux and read on for inspiration for how to incorporate them into your home.

1. Create a statement wall

Create a statement wall

One way to create a warm and cosy effect is to paint a bold statement wall. Here we’ve used Emerald Glade, but you could create a warm yet striking statement wall with whatever colour suits your style. This style will complement any style, but if you’re looking for open plan living room ideas then this one may be for you as it will add a focal point and accentuate your space.

You can complement your statement wall by adding furniture with gold accents. Adding neutral furniture will help to keep the focus on the wall, or alternatively, add bold furniture to create a luxurious and maximalist effect. 

2. Add some colour to your bookshelves

Create a statement wall

Adding a pop of colour to your bookshelves will not only add warmth but will also add intrigue and character to your cosy living room. Why not add a darker tone to add depth and definition, or paint your shelves a lighter colour to add brightness, either way your living space will be transformed in no time. Here we’ve used Heart WoodFloating Petal and Heather Climb which helps to add subtle yet effective character to the storage space in your cosy lounge.


To complete the look, dress up your bookshelves with not only books, but also decorative ornaments and sentimental trinkets – achieve a coordinated look by colour coding them in line with your chosen paint!


3. Spruce up your woodwork 

Create a statement wall

Whether it’s a palette wood coffee table, a rustic mantlepiece or a big wooden wall, adding a warm colour can transform the woodwork with paints such as Dulux Satinwood in your living room into a rejuvenated statement which complements your space perfectly. Here we’ve used Cherished Gold to add a pop of colour, which exudes energy and positivity.

Pair with neutral furniture and soft furnishings to really give the colour the attention it deserves, and to create the desired effect of an understated yet welcoming environment.


4. Incorporate different hues and tones

Create a statement wall

Using a variety of warm colours on your walls and ceilings is a guaranteed way to create a feeling of cosiness in your living room, especially in rooms with high ceilings. Painting your ceiling helps to give the illusion of it being lower, which instantly helps to make it feel cosier.

By contrasting a light colour like Moon Shimmer with a darker colour like Damson Dream, you achieve a layered and complementary look – especially when they’re brought together using a warm colour on the ceiling like here where we’ve used Summer Surprise.

Add sophisticated furniture and artwork for a grown-up take on a purple living room.

When it comes to incorporating warm hues and tones into your living room, there’s plenty of variations and combinations you can use to transform your space into a cosy haven. Whether your style is big and bold or understated and subtle, the effect of a snug space is easy to achieve.

For more inspiration, check out these warm colour ideas for suggestions and ideas to spruce up your space.


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