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Travels in Colour

Coming Soon. The world is full of beautiful colour schemes. Capture the spirit of these destinations with Travels in Colour, a collection of pre-selected colour schemes that takes the stress out of choosing your perfect colour combination.


Have you ever visited somewhere so beautiful that you wish you could recreate the memory of it in your home? Here at Dulux, we’ve created a special selection of travel-inspired colour palettes to evoke the feeling of being away on a trip, even when you’re not.

From bright sunny colours to pale neutrals, our range is full of wonderful shades to invite a sense of travel and exploration into your space. Read on to find out more and watch the video below. 

Day at the Beach


There’s nothing better than spending a day at the beach, relaxing on the sand, paddling in the sea, and watching the world go by. Coastal-inspired interiors and beach colours are very popular at the minute, and for good reason. Bold and cheerful, they bring character to any home.

Our Day at the Beach palette whisks you away to happy days by the coast filled with sun, sea and sand. Gentle warm and cool seaside colours pair beautifully with ice cream-inspired shades.

Complete the look by layering up with accessories such as rugs and baskets. This will reinforce the Mediterranean colours and promote feelings of relaxation. 


City Getaway


When we think of cities, we usually think bright shades mixed with whites and greys to represent winding streets and pavements. Our City Getaway palette features a sophisticated collection of urban colours, which draws its inspiration from a cityscape setting.  

Made up of intriguing greys, petrol blues and sleek off-whites, City Getaway is perfect for a modern home. It would work well in all areas of a house – particularly in an open-plan living room where it would really help to expand the space. Finish off the look with elegant white furniture to complement the overall feel of a sprawling metropolis.   


Country Retreat


Transform your home into a welcoming haven with our Country Retreat palette, a heart-warming collection of shades taken from long walks in the countryside. The palette draws inspiration from natural stone, heather fields and berry picking.

Finish off this style with country home décor, such as chic rugs and throws, to give the room an extra element of cosiness.

Time to refresh your home with a new splash of colour? Check out the rest of the Dulux blogs for all the decorating tips you need. 

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