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Things to remember when designing a white gloss kitchen

Discover white gloss kitchen ideas to help you transform your space. From colour schemes to maintenance, we've got you covered.


If you’re looking to give your kitchen a modern update, look no further than a white gloss kitchen. Gloss cabinets and work tops can create a sleek, contemporary look in your kitchen, and the colours and materials that complement a white gloss finish are endless. Read on to find out how to bring your white gloss kitchen to life.

How to design a white gloss kitchen

white gloss kitchen

Decide on your gloss finish

For the optimum finish, go for high-quality gloss, as this will help your surfaces to bounce lots of light around your kitchen. Because of how easily light is reflected around the space, your room will appear bigger and brighter than it actually is. White gloss kitchens are particularly popular in small houses for this exact reason. Another benefit of gloss is how easy it is to clean. All you need is a cloth and water to shift most stains and smudges, and a little elbow grease (or detergent and warm water) if that fails!

Create an inviting feel with wooden flooring

Adding a natural wood flooring will instantly enhance an otherwise all-white space, adding warmth that would otherwise be lacking in an all-white kitchen. Make a feature of the wooden flooring by matching the same wood tones in kitchen furniture, such as tables and chairs. Alternatively, contrast the natural elements with similarly-toned finishes; a white gloss kitchen with a grey quartz worktop will enhance a neutral shade of wooden flooring.

Enhance the look with good lighting

Good lighting really is the backbone of any design project and makes all the difference when it comes to optimising a high-gloss kitchen. You may not have the luxury of year-round sunlight, but integrated LED lights are a wonderful solution for a modern space. They give light to all areas, at any time of day, in any season. Alternatively, an overhead sky light will inject natural light into the room, no matter the season, allowing the white gloss kitchen finishes to reflect light into the heart of the home.

white gloss kitchen

Colour scheme ideas that go best with white gloss

There are a number of colour schemes that will complement your white gloss kitchen doors – the beauty of white is that it goes with anything – and the colour scheme you choose should reflect the atmosphere you want to create in the heart of your home:

All white everywhere

For a sleek and modern look, keep things minimalist with an entirely white scheme. Paint walls in Absolute White, add your white gloss kitchen cabinets, and even consider a white gloss worktop. If all-white feels a bit too stark for you, add some simple black accessories for a touch of monochrome that will make the room look effortlessly sleek.

Icy blue and grey tones

For an effortlessly cool feel, consider pairing your white gloss kitchen units with pale blues and soft greys. Despite their coolness, these soft shades will in fact add warmth to your kitchen alongside the white gloss accents. For a seamless design experience, choose pale blue and grey shades of paint that are also featured in adjoining rooms. Add brass or copper fittings, and houseplants for an extra pop of colour.

white gloss kitchen icy blue grey tones

Bold hues that make you look

For a vibrant and colourful space, opt for bold shades that make the heart of the home instantly pop with personality. If you’re choosing all white gloss kitchen doors, then painting a feature wall in a bold shade will instantly inject some character into the space, and make guests feel instantly welcome. This could be a navy blue like Oxford Blue, a forest green like Highland Green or a mustard yellow like Honey Mustard – the choice is entirely up to you.

How to keep your white gloss kitchen clean and fresh

The thought of keeping an all-white gloss kitchen clean can be a concern for some, but it doesn’t need to be, as there are easy ways to keep this space looking fresher for longer.

Using durable and easy-to-wash paint on the walls will mean that regular wiping down is all that is needed to keep the paint looking fresh, while regular upkeep and wiping down of surface tops will get rid of everyday marks on the ultra-shiny surfaces too.

From the high-shine that offers a bright and spacious feel, to the easy-clean solution for a busy space, a white gloss kitchen is the ideal way to update any interior. Visit our White Hub for more information on how to use white in the home.

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