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Combine subtle purples with soft floral pinks for cosy elegance.

Rethinking Pink and Purple Rooms

Combine subtle purples with soft floral pinks for cosy elegance


Purple is a colour most commonly associated with royalty, so why not add a touch of opulence and elegance to your room with a purple paint scheme. Pink and purple rooms don’t have to be overly feminine, so long as you choose the right hues.

There are so many purple shades to choose from; deeper shades evoke drama and warmth and pair well with extravagant fabrics like velvet and chenille, and metallics and glass decor. Building on a darker shade will create a luxurious space to unwind at the end of the day.

Alternatively, dusty purple shades can be very feminine and sweet. The soothing lighter shades are fairly neutral when it comes to being able to decorate with and give the walls enough interest without appearing too sugary. Adding light fabrics like gingham and linen will give the room more of a country-cottage feel, especially when paired with distressed wood in the furniture.

Using dusky purple paint in any room is one way to introduce other colours too, as this hue can be complemented with blues as well as greens when it comes to decorating. Adding a complimentary wallpaper or wall art can really make this foundation shade pop.

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