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Dr Dulux: you can’t really paint a wall in just one coat, can you?

In our Ask Dr Dulux series, we answer your burning decorating questions and give you all the practical advice you need to start your next painting project. This week, Victoria Odds from London asks: “You can’t actually paint a wall in just one coat, can you?”

Well, with Simply Refresh’s thick and creamy formula, you can. And because seeing is believing, we’ve captured our new paint in action. Read on to find out where to use Simply Refresh paint and how to paint a wall with a single layer of gorgeous fresh colour.


Simply Refresh Paint

Simply Refresh is a thick and creamy premium paint that is guaranteed to cover flawlessly in just one coat. It’s available in a range of beautifully curated colours and is perfect for beginners, too. There’s even a trusted One Coat guarantee and two formulas to choose from.

Transform a Whole Room with One Coat 

Our Simply Refresh One Coat range features thirty beautiful neutrals – all true modern classics with enduring popularity. They are the perfect choice to quickly and easily transform walls in living areas, including dining rooms and workspaces as well as bedrooms and children’s rooms.

If you’re wondering, ‘is one coat of paint really enough with Simply Refresh?’, the answer is yes. You can trust the job will be finished in one quick coat thanks to its thick and creamy formula – it’s so easy to apply and you’ll use less paint than is typically required for a DIY decorating project. Choose from timeless pastel shades such as Tranquil Dawn or the soft grey of Polished Pebble.


How much Simply Refresh paint do I need for one wall?

Simply Refresh paint provides coverage of up to 10m2 per litre. Since a standard wall is generally 12m2, you should need around 1.25 litres of paint. 

Make a Striking Statement with a Feature Wall

Simply Refresh also offers a range of fifteen gorgeous, eye-catching Feature Wall shades. Our colour experts created this unique palette to reflect the latest decorating trends in one easy-to-use collection. They’re the perfect choice if you want to transform a room with a splash of high-impact colour or to zone a space.

Why not create a cosy retreat around your sofa or a study spot in the corner of a bedroom? Each hue, from the dramatic grey of Cannon Ball, above, to the intense blue of Indigo Shade, is designed to work alongside the Simply Refresh One Coat neutrals, so you can make a strong style statement with total confidence. Discover more with our simple guide to feature walls.


How long does one coat of paint take to dry?

One coat of Simply Refresh paint takes around four hours to completely dry.


Mix and Match for Perfect Paint Effects

Our two expertly curated Simply Refresh colour palettes are made up of shades that are beautiful on their own but also blend perfectly together. As well as feature walls, you can use paint to bring personality to your space – from a graphic stripe to an on-trend arch.

And its one-coat formula means that a room can be revamped in less time, so you can try a quick and easy mini-makeover project like highlighting a cool display shelf with Golden Sands above or using Pressed Petal to paint a headboard around your bed.

How to Paint a Wall with One Coat of Simply Refresh

Step 1.
Choose between Simply Refresh One Coat and Feature Wall, depending on the type of project you’re working on.

Step 2. Prep the room as you usually would. Watch our complete video guide to preparing your walls for painting.

Step 3. Open your paint and give it a good stir. Pour some paint into the reservoir of a roller tray.

Step 4. Load a medium-pile microfibre roller, coating it more generously than you would with standard emulsion. 

Step 5. Start painting! Roll the paint onto the wall using narrow ‘W’ or ‘M’ movements to create a smooth, even finish. 

Step 6. For best results, work in small sections of around half a metre squared. Re-load the roller often with a thick layer to avoid overspreading the paint on the wall and ensure good coverage.

Step 7. Once you’ve finished, leave to dry for four hours.

And that’s it - you’ve transformed the wall with a single coat of paint. Check out the video below for even more how-to tips. 

We hope we’ve inspired you with our Simply Refresh paint blog. If you’re ready to try it for yourself, why not order one of our testers here

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