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Dulux how to design grey shaker kitchen

Grey Shaker kitchen ideas

Searching for grey kitchen inspiration to change up your space? Discover grey shaker kitchen ideas and expert tips to create the design effortlessly.

Adding a grey Shaker kitchen to your home is an easy way to bring simplicity and style to a much-used space. Historically, Shaker design dates back to the mid-18th Century, but in modern times it represents style, simplicity and fine craftsmanship that can stand the test of time.

Though this style has been around for centuries, it’s now one of the most popular kitchen designs, due to the simplicity and versatility that makes it ideal for both period properties and more modern spaces.

What is a Shaker kitchen?


The Shaker kitchen was named after a religious sect commonly known as the Shakers, who took so much pride in the handcrafted and high-quality style of furniture they made, that they became known for it.

The idea of Shaker furniture, and more importantly a Shaker kitchen, is that it is durable, simplistic, and an understated element in your home. The no-frills approach to furniture design means a Shaker kitchen will outlive many other kitchen trends, so it is an excellent investment in any renovation project.

What are the key features of a Shaker kitchen?


The Shaker style is iconic and universally loved, with flat centre panels and square edges, and minimal detailing in the cabinets themselves. The panelling and solid wood frames have become a staple in modern decorating, though it’s fair to say that the variety of colours, woods and paints used to decorate them have changed a lot over time.

Originally, the handcrafting process was incredibly sophisticated for the time, and the Shakers were able to design beautiful cupboard doors that were both sturdy in construction and practical in design. This classic, panelled design soon became the signature style of the Shakers, and it is now a popular choice for decorators because of the simplicity in delivery.

Grey shaker kitchen ideas


1.     Add a kitchen island 

Dulux add a kitchen island

Placed in the centre of the Shaker kitchen, an island adds another level of simplicity and style to the home. Accessible from all sides, and an easy way to socialise while working in the kitchen, an island is an obvious choice for added storage, maximised workspace, and modern interior design.


2.    Go bold on your counter tops

Dulux counter tops

Grey Shaker kitchens with wooden worktops can really showcase the practicality of the Shaker design. Add wooden tops that contrast with your grey design for a stylish and modern finish; a grey Shaker kitchen with oak worktops will look best paired back with white or pale grey cupboards, while darker wood tops can be paired back with more neutral shades.


3.    Try a light grey Shaker kitchen

Dulux grey shaker kitchen

A pale grey Shaker kitchen can be just as bold and stylish as a darker room, given the right materials. Consider painted tiles as an effective solution to tired walls, rather than replacing or repairing. Pale grey tiles in a Shaker kitchen can be extremely effective against an oak worktop and white cupboards, while fossil greys add more of a calming feel against neutral shades.

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4.    Add hints of colour 

Dulux hints of colour

While a colourful Shaker kitchen goes against the traditional style, adding pops of colour in other ways throughout the kitchen can be an effective way to add personality to the stylish space. Consider bright décor if not paint, as accessories in an otherwise neutrally decorated room will certainly make the kitchen stand out.

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5.    Opt for a mix of dark and light tones 

Dulux mix of dark and light tones

For a modern finish full of contrast, consider mixing shades of grey to make your space feel bigger and brighter. Darker colours on the lower doors and lighter shades along the top doors will draw the eyes in separate directions, giving the illusion of higher ceilings and therefore more space.

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