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How to design a blue and white bedroom to match any style

When it comes to designing your bedroom, you want a space that feels calm and tranquil. Somewhere to relax and take your mind off the day’s troubles, but also a space that helps you wake up in a good mood and gets you ready for the day ahead. Sound about right? Then look no further than a blue and white bedroom.

Blue and white are the ultimate pairing, offering calm and serene tones to create just the environment you’re looking for. Think coastal villas in Greece and clear blue skies, the two colours go hand in hand. Ideal for falling asleep, a blue and white bedroom creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to help take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Read on for our top blue and white bedroom design ideas that’ll have you dreaming of sunny climes, with tips to help you recreate these looks in your own home.


#1: Use light blue to create a minimalistic sanctuary 

The bedroom is the place where you relax the most, so it’s important that it feels peaceful and soothing. Remove all unnecessary clutter and create a minimalistic space to help a busy mind wind down. Use a calming hue such as Frosted Lake along the bottom half of your walls and a white paint on the top half to create a tranquil two-tone blue and white bedroom, which will bring all your relaxed energy to the sleeping level of the room.

Keep accessories to a minimum and for those that you do opt for, such as a bedside light or rug, make sure they’re plain and subtle. Plants are an exception here, they’ve been proven to reduce stress levels so use a handful of indoor plants to bring nature and a bit of life into your minimalist but serene space.


#2: Paint a striking blue feature wall 

Feature walls are a great way to draw attention to a focal point in any room. In a bedroom, they’re ideal for immediately drawing attention to arguably the most important aspect of the room: the bed. Use an inky blue such as Denim Drift or Vast Lake for your main wall, paint other walls in blush tones and finish with a coat of white paint for the skirting boards, door and window frames for a blue and white bedroom with a hint of pink.

Not only do the three colours complement each other perfectly, but the white and pastel tones also bring in a light and airy feel to the room. Add wooden accessories to complete this country-inspired room.


#3: Add a splash of blue  

You don’t need to use a lot of a colour for it to make an impact. If you’ve got a section of your room that you want to draw attention to, such as a desk space, vanity unit, or seating area, use a splash of blue to make this part of the room pop. Paint the rest of the walls white, then use two different shades of light blue such as First Dawn and Blueberry White to paint a two-tone square around your designated area, it’s simple yet effective.

Alternatively, if you want to take your decorating to the next level, use your splash of blue to draw circles or patterns around the area you want to bring attention to. With some handy design work, you can have a space that feels unique just to you in no time. For intricate designs, consider using our easycare range, it’s washable and tough so you don’t need to worry about re-painting your new work of art.


#4: Pair blue walls with dark furniture 

For a blue and white bedroom, white or lightly coloured furniture is usually the preferred option, but why not mix it up with dark furniture? The hues of the blue from a colour such as Stonewashed Blue still provide a calming atmosphere, especially when paired with crisp white bedding and a white ceiling, but the dark tones of the furniture and accessories offer a new warm and cosy environment to sleep in.

This colour scheme accentuates how versatile blue can be. Not only can it be used in any room in the house, but blue can also be used for many different themes and styles. While some shades offer bright and coastal vibes, others offer a snug and comfortable feel to relax in. Decide what design you want for your blue and white bedroom and use our colour palette tool to find the perfect blue for your aesthetic. We’re sure you’ll sleep heavenly in your new serene bedroom. 

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