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How To Paint Your Outdoor Furniture

Summer’s coming! Add some sunshine to your outdoor space.

In need of a garden furniture update? You might just need a fresh lick of paint. Bring a new lease of life to your outdoor woodwork with a bright and sunny colour, whatever the weather.

Got a specific colour in mind? The chances are you’ll find it in Cuprinol’s huge Garden Shades range. But don’t be afraid to experiment - colour testers are available, so be as adventurous as you dare. With special pigments for a rich colour and long lasting finish, you’ll be throwing the most stylish barbecue on the street in no time!


Difficulty rating: 2/5

How To Paint Your Wooden Tables and Chairs

Step 1: Give the paint a thorough stir before your start. The odd stir as you go along will help keep things smooth too.

Step 2: Always test a small area before you get started, to make sure you’re happy with the colour and adhesion. The final shade can be quite different to the colour in the can, so hold off until it’s dry before going all in.


Step 3: Using a brush, evenly apply the paint along the grain. A second coat is usually a good idea, but make sure you wait 8 hours before applying it.


Step 4: Reseal the can after use, and wipe up any spills while they’re still wet. Once you’re finished, try and remove as much paint from the brushes as possible before rinsing with water.

Step 5: To ensure things are fully dry, wait a few days before use. You don’t want to sit on wet paint!

Step 6: Browse the full colour range on the Cuprinol website. You’ll be dining al fresco sooner than you think!

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