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How Do I Spruce Up My Spare Room?

Dumping ground, be gone: the spare room has so much more to offer than being a place for piles of laundry and boxes of junk. If your guest bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the best solution is a proactive one. A quick-spruce up might take you as little as half an hour to get rid of the clutter. Or, spend a day doing an easy overhaul to ensure you’re ‘guest-ready’ at any time, with a space truly worthy of showing off.

The aim is simply to create a cosy, uncluttered space that guests can call their own. When you learn how to make a guest bedroom comfortable, the only problem you’ll have is getting them to leave! Read on for all the spare room inspiration you need. 

Spare Room Ideas: Colour Schemes

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Looking for spare room colour ideas? Colour has the power to instantly invite your guests to relax and feel welcome in your home. Both warm and cool tones work, so choose a scheme that appeals to you and ties in with any fixtures you already have. Freshen things up with a soothing, airy shade like White Mist on the walls to perfectly match virtually any décor.

Bring vibrancy and warmth to the room via a bold feature wall adorned with Copper Blush. Blues and greens are universally liked, for good reason. Your guests will feel soothed into serenity with a two-tone wall of white and the pale teal of Atmosphere. The cool shades of Tranquil Dawn and Timeless offer a breath of fresh air to a tired space. For balance and style, pair pops of colour with the clean lines of neutrals.

Large and Small Spare Bedroom Ideas

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Large Spare Rooms: Feature Walls

The challenge of a large spare bedroom is to make it feel cosy and unique for guests. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a feature wall. Earthy shades, like Spiced Honey, wrap guests in a cocoon of warmth while adding visual interest to a larger space.

You’ve got plenty of room to play with when it comes to furniture. It looks fantastic and also doubles as storage for you. Consider nightstands with drawers, a plush ottoman for seating and storage, or a multipurpose desk.

Small Spare Rooms: Neutral Colours

Small spare bedroom ideas start with ensuring your guests don’t feel too cramped in the space. Pale, warm neutrals keep things cosy while providing a light, spacious feel. For excitement, use two paint colours and horizontal lines on a feature wall, which also creates the illusion of width.

When you don’t have room for a headboard, try a paint effect headboard to add the wow-factor. Trust us, it’s incredibly easy, and here’s a video tutorial to prove it.

Floating shelves are great for storage in small spaces. Consider buying a folding luggage rack or use a slimline, low set of drawers. Alternatively, try to leave space under the bed clear for guests to store their suitcases. Adding a full-length mirror to a wall enhances the appearance of space and your guests will love it too.

Guest Room Essentials: Furniture and Décor

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Guest rooms need to be practical in that there’s somewhere to stash a suitcase, hang up a few clothes and unpack the things needed for a stay. Consider storage benches that offer a place to put a suitcase, bedside tables with drawers for odds and ends, and a statement chair for a place to retreat to. If you don’t have a wardrobe, or room in it, pop some hooks and hangers behind the door.

Comfortable Bedding

Comfortable bedding is paramount, and the bed also offers endless design options. Provide crisp new sheets and two pillows for each guest, and layer the bed with quilts or throws so they can control the temperature. Dress it with colourful cushions to match your scheme. Once the basics are met, it’s the little details that make a world of difference.

Useful Accessories

Choose decorative but useful accessories that add interest, like mirrors, colourful storage baskets, scented candles and lamps for ambience. Enliven the room with fresh flowers and plants, place folded towels on the bed and leave a small pack of basic toiletries on the nightstand. A small rubbish bin is a great idea, and a collection of books or magazines is a thoughtful touch.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Suppose your guest bedroom ideas have to fit into the living room or study. First up, invest in a multi-functional sofa bed so you’re always prepared. Make your room cosy with a few simple tweaks, like using a hallway console for a dressing table and a stool for a bedside table with a reading lamp. Add the little details just as you would in the spare bedroom for a welcoming and snug environment.

Our Attic Room Ideas

Wondering what to do with a spare room? Here, we’ve taken an attic room – all awkward angles and small proportions – and turned it into a gorgeous suite fit for even the most discerning guests. The secret is working with the space and embracing its eccentricities, which is why we’ve painted the skirting, wall and a portion of the ceiling in White Cotton and the remainder in Natural Slate.


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The technique highlights the angles rather than disguising them, while the colour makes the space feel chic and cosy, rather than trying to open it up. Orange and mustard accessories bring it all together, with pink accents softening the look. Now, who to invite?

We hope we’ve inspired you with our easy spare room decorating ideas. Check out the rest of the Dulux blogs for even more DIY tips and advice. 

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