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How Do I Spruce Up My Spare Room?

Wow friends and family with a guest room that’s fabulously quirky


Dumping ground, be gone: the spare room has so much more to offer than being a place for piles of laundry and boxes of junk. Here, we’ve taken an attic room – all awkward angles and small proportions – and turned it into a gorgeous suite fit for even the most discerning guests. The secret is working with the space and embracing its eccentricities, which is why we’ve painted the skirting, wall and a portion of the ceiling in White Cotton, and the remainder in Natural Slate.



The technique highlights the angles rather than disguising them, while the colour makes the space feel chic and cosy, rather than trying to open it up. Orange and mustard accessories bring it all together, with pink accents softening the look. Now, who to invite?

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