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Micro Makeover: How To Create Your Own Canvas Wall Art

Discover how to create your own canvas wall art and make a stylish statement in your home. Read more about how to create beautiful wall art with Dulux.


If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a piece of canvas artwork and thinking, ‘I could do that’, well... you probably could! There really are no rules for how to create your own canvas art. You pretty much need 3 things: a canvas, some paint (even leftover paint will do) and a bit of imagination. Of course, the possibilities for what to paint are pretty much limitless. But here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Pick a pattern

Some of the most striking home wall art ideas are often the simplest. If you like getting creative with colour, you could go for a terrazzo-effect – dotting tiny blobs of paint in lots of different colours to create a fun, pop art canvas. Or, for something more structured, try polka dots – using a circular stencil to paint perfectly round dots. Thinking about patterns from the natural world is another way to go. A canvas wall art in a bold animal print would certainly show off the wilder side of your style.

Find a way with watercolours

Water-colour is a really timeless style of painting, which lends itself beautifully to making abstract canvas wall art. Again, it’s a really good way of using up leftover paint. Simply find a couple of nice strong colours – here we’ve used Heart Wood and Sapphire Salute – and dilute down with water. Then improvise by painting flowing, directionless lines to create a piece of ethereal home wall art.


Put away the paints and try something tactile

When thinking about how to create your own canvas wall art, there’s nothing that says you have to use paint. It might be interesting to experiment with paper, or even fabric. Is there a piece of patterned wallpaper you could use? Or, how about wrapping a bold piece of fabric round the frame of the canvas? Instantly, you’d have some home wall art that’s not just unique but has texture to it as well. Plus, you can easily change things up, as and when the mood takes you.


Try finely detailed florals

If you’re confident with a paintbrush, you could try something a little more challenging, like a bouquet of flowers. This kind of design allows you to get very detailed with colour, creating varying shades across the leaves, stems and petals. What’s also nice about this kind of canvas wall art is it can help to tie the room together. Try taking one of the colours from your floral design and using it on the walls, as we’ve done here with Forest Shade and Neptune Seas.


For another way to personalise your wall decor, try these tips for creating home wall art with letters.


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