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How to Achieve a Confetti Wall Effect

Playful and upbeat, confetti wall paint effects have made their way onto every conceivable surface of late, from stationery to apparel. The confetti effect is one of our favourite wall décor ideas. Simple yet stylish, it’s a great way to add colour and design to your home on a small scale. Whether you use confetti wall art as a punchy focal point or a fun way to frame furnishings, it’ll add an instant wow factor to any room in your home.


Naturally, we're dotty about the look, so we’ve come up with a wall effect that uses a simple stencil method to recreate this style for the home. And what better colours to use for this polka dot pattern than a soft palette of pastels?

Here we've picked out confetti wall paint hues from the Dulux MixLab range, our extended palette of exciting colours. They’re just what’s needed to embrace a light-hearted mood and complement this dynamic paint effect beautifully. Follow the easy steps below and watch the how-to video to join the dots in your own space.

You will need:

  • 250ml tester pots of each colour
  • A3 paper for templates (30 sheets)
  • Oiled Manila stencil card (2 x A1 sheets)
  • Craft knife & cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Coloured chalk and string
  • Masking tape
  • Small foam radiator roller and trays (1 for each colour)
  • Dust sheet

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1.
 Draw around a circular object (e.g. a plate or paint can) to make a paper template and stencil. Cut the stencil using a craft knife (make three and the job will be much quicker and easier).

Step 2. Use your tape measure and templates in place and line up the stencil over the first spirit level to mark the height of the first line on which the circles will sit – do this at both ends of the wall.

Step 3. Pull a wall-length piece of string over a stick of coloured chalk, tie a knot at one end and secure to the mark on the wall with masking tape. Pull the string across to line up with the mark at the other end. Pull tight against the wall and snap against the surface. Now you have a straight line to follow.

Step 4. Use the paper circle templates and a bit of masking tape to position the circles on top of the line. Evenly space them with about a 3cm gap between each circle, or juggle the spacing by eye to suit your wall.

Step 5. Once you have all the templates in place, line up the stencil over the first template and then lift it away, leaving the stencil in position. Hold the stencil in place with masking tape.


Step 6. Use the foam roller – with not too much paint loaded onto it – and fill in the stencilled shape. Continue along the wall one colour at a time until you have finished. Easy!


Top Tip: Wall Decal DIY

Another way to create a stylish confetti effect wall in your home is by using wall decals or wall stickers – both of which are super easy to apply. Stickers feature adhesive backing that can be applied to different surfaces, while decals are transferred from one surface to another. Both products are available in many designs, so you’re sure to find something to brighten up your walls!

If you’ve been looking for fun paint effects for walls, stop the search and create your own confetti effect today!

Order your testers for your confetti effect here. And for more exciting paint effects and decorating inspiration, head over to the Dulux Let's Colour Magazine.

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